• Phil Klay’s Redeployment Wins National Book Award for Fiction

    Congratulations to Phil Klay, who was recently announced as the winner of the National Book Award for fiction for his debut short story collection Redeployment. The collection centers around the Iraq War and its aftermath for the soldiers who fought in it. We’re proud to say that we published three pieces on Phil Klay and Redeployment, in May:

    “The Tender Underbelly of Soldiers: Phil Klay’s Lives During Wartime” by Nathan Deuel

    “The Things We Wrote About: The Author of Redeployment on Military Conflict, the Craft of Fiction, and Coming Home,” an interview with Phil Klay conducted by Michael Lokesson

    “Horn! Reviews Redeployment” by Kevin Thomas

    Check them out, and also check out the book itself, published by Penguin.

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