• The National’s Anthem

    Sophia Stewart pens an ode to a band with "profound candor" and staying power.

    Cultural Patrimony: A Tribute to Alfredinho Jacinto Melo

    Andrew Zingg reconnects with his grandfather's bossa nova legacy through Alfredinho Jacinto Melo's influential club Bip-bip in Rio de Janeiro.

    Pop Formalism

    “Born in the U.S.A.” is a song of audible rage, but this rage is entirely inseparable from its production, from its angular and glossy trappings.

    Tom Lutz, By the Album

    Jeffrey Wasserstrom interviews LARB Editor-in-Chief Tom Lutz about travel and its influence on his music.

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    Seth Kaufman on rock's secret weapon — audacity — and what Philip Roth can teach us about it.

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    Jeffrey Wasserstrom interviews journalist Jiayang Fan about her musical influences for his "By the Album" series.