• “Ethics” and “AI”: Can We Use These Terms to Take Effective Action?

    Rebecca MacKinnon discusses how we might develop and deploy standards for fairness in artificial intelligence and algorithm-based applications.

    What Artificial Intelligence Is Not

    Kate Klonick takes on misconceptions about what AI is and what it can be.

    The Forum We Can’t Escape

    "Problems we’ve left unchecked and unnegotiated in our digital forums are now, thanks in part to AI, spilling over into our physical streets and plazas."

    Getting Bias Out of AI

    Erika Hayasaki talks about how to scrub the human out of artificial intelligence.

    The Digital Deluge and the Age of AI

    David Kaye writes on content moderation and the enduring and essential human element of it.

    Who Runs the Technology? That’s the Problem

    Noam Cohen talks about the place and perception of tech companies in the social world.

    The Home of the Future

    Jasmina Tešanović talks about "Casa Jasmina," a space for innovation she helped establish in Turin, Italy.

    A Thought Experiment

    Paul Dourish examines the possibility that AI isn't really any smarter than the humans who enable it.

    I Am a Bot. All Bots Are Liars.

    Peggy Weil talks about the ability of new computers to hoodwink us.

    Artificial Morality

    Bruce Sterling writes about the efficacy of an ethics manifesto by AI programmers.