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    The Suicides in South Korea, and the Suicide of South Korea

    Colin Marshall looks at Korea's high suicide rate and low birth rate.

    At This Moment, Everyone Is a Revolution: The Poems of Tammy Ho Lai-Ming and the Hong Kong Crisis

    Andrea Lingenfelter discusses the recent protests and police violence in Hong Kong, and the poetry of Tammy Ho Lai-Ming in response.

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    How to Play Russian Roulette

    Philip Kitcher tells a tale of fate selection and the Democratic Primary.

    Ducks, Summer

    Alexandra Marraccini goes on a Twitter journey with "Ducks, Newburyport," Lucy Ellmann's ambitious 998-page single-sentence novel.

    The Magic of Byrd Baylor’s Literary Odes to Nature

    Monica Uszerowicz rereads Byrd Baylor's tranquil children's novel "The Other Way to Listen."

    A Liberation Day Protest Raises the Question: How Anti-Japanese Is Korea, Really?

    "Some stress that the target of this anger isn't the Japanese people, and isn't even the nation of Japan per se, but Abe in particular."

    A Case for Reparations for Heirs of the Victims of Lynching

    Gordon Marino makes a common-sense, serious case for reparations to be paid to descendants of lynching victims.

    A Survey in Light: Mary Corse at LACMA

    Natasha Boyd reviews the Mary Corse exhibition "A Survey in Light" at LACMA, on display now until November 11, 2019.