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    The Alternative to Regime Change: Talking to Philip Gordon

    Andy Fitch and Philip Gordon inspect the problems plaguing regime-change thinking in the Middle East, and Gordon's book "Losing the Long Game."

    This Obligation to Lead the Next Generation: Talking to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

    Andy Fitch talks with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about women activists of the past who empowered today's politics and Gillibrand’s book "Bold & Brave."

    55 Voices for Democracy: “The Smallest Refusals” by Karen Tongson

    Karen Tongson acknowledges that no will come to tell us our democracy is threatened, for the Thomas Mann House series "55 Voices for Democracy."

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    Clarice Lispector Reborn in David Lynch’s Seoul: An Introduction to Outsider Novelist-Essayist Bae Suah

    Colin Marshall discusses the enigmatic and subtle qualities of Bae Suah's fiction.

    What If Writing Lost the Plot?

    Akanksha Singh considers plotlessness, and how it's perceived by stories of different cultural provenance.

    The Most Rampant Political Mischief Right Now: Talking to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

    Andy Fitch talks with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about undoing the corruption in American politics and his book "Captured."

    A Moment of Reckoning for Nonprofit Leaders

    Greg Berman inspects worrisome trends in the world of nonprofits, and the dashed hopes of those who join them.

    La Llorona Reimagines Justice for Guatemala

    Alisa Bohling reviews Jayro Bustamante’s horror film "La Llorona," and traces echoes of the Guatemalan Civil War.

    Why Haven’t They Been Done Yet: Examining Policies in “One Billion Americans”

    Will Compernolle questions the feasibility and uniqueness of Matthew Yglesias' policy proposals in "One Billion Americans."

    Elena Ferrante Says if You Lean in You Might Just Fall Over

    "The 'your priorities will change' statement suggests that after having a child a person — most often a woman — will devalue her former aspirations..."