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    “We’ll buy you a harpoon, Lydia”: How Arthur Miller Adapted Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

    Janine Barchas shares a long-lost radio adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel.

    Doing Something Else Together: Talking to Robert B. Talisse

    Andy Fitch interviews Robert B. Talisse about partisanship, civic friendship, and his new book "Overdoing Democracy."

    55 Voices for Democracy: Francis Fukuyama

    The Thomas Mann House series "55 Voices for Democracy" presents a speech by Francis Fukuyama.

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    We Have to Take the Roses Seriously: Talking to Nathan J. Robinson

    Andy Fitch talks with Nathan J. Robinson about the benefits of the socialist mindset and his book "Why You Should Be a Socialist."

    James Bond’s Martini: A Theory

    Robert Slayton surveys the history of James Bond's iconic drink order.

    Baby Sharks

    Greg Gerke talks about the emblematic images of our time.

    The Impeachment: Democracy in Decline Disguised as Democracy in Action 

    Miriam Greenspan argues that the impeachment proceedings will not eliminate fascism in America.

    Theorizing at Home

    Robert Wood discusses the influence a section of Hegel had on his trajectory as a theorist and poet.

    Silence as Rupture & Revolution: Enjambment in Feminist Poetry

    Kristina Marie Darling inspects the way gaps in linguistic meter create — and break — worldviews.