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    55 Voices for Democracy: “Bolder Reimagining” by Alexandra Kleeman

    For the Thomas Mann House series "55 Voices for Democracy," novelist Alexandra Kleeman diagnoses the normalized sense of loss in American democracy.

    How to Make It in Seoul: Sang Young Park’s Novel of Gay Almost-Romance Love in the Big City

    Colin Marshall explores the difficulties of queer romance in Seoul in Sang Young Park's Novel "Love in the Big City."

    More Than Enough For Everyone: Talking with Andrea Abi-Karam and Kay Gabriel

    We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics, edited by Andrea Abi-Karam and Kay Gabriel, was published in …

    On Photographing at Memorials

    Spencer Cohen thinks about the ramifications of photographing aesthetic memorials.

    Tourists taking pictures of themselves in Times Square, New York City.

    The Beauty Queen Is Dead: Kwon Yeo-sun’s Korean-Millennial Murder Mystery Lemon

    Colin Marshall explores what goes into transforming into one's own murdered sibling in Kwon Yeo-sun's "Lemon."

    Traveling Beyond the Canon: Original Artistry in Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Film Adaptation of Drive My Car

    Elissa Suh looks at how director Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s exercises his own creativity in his adaptation of Haruki Murakami's "Drive My Car."

    “Inside the Snake is the Safest Place to Be”: Nation, Identity, and the Impossibility of Going Back in Sabina Murray’s The Human Zoo

    Shastri Akella considers the utility and limits of metonymy in Sabina Murray’s "The Human Zoo."

    55 Voices for Democracy: “Democracy and Truth” by Michael Zürn

    For the Thomas Mann House series "55 Voices for Democracy," Michael Zürn puts the concept of "liberal" democratic ideals under the microscope.

     A Book with the Structure of a Heroin Stuffed Cabbage: Tice Cin on Keeping the House

    Nathan Scott McNamara talks with debut novelist and musician Tice Cin about her recent novel "Keeping the House."

    The Pleasures of Watching Korean Television from the 1980s, Before K-Drama Went Global

    Colin Marshall looks back on an earlier era of Korean TV dramas, before the glitz of contemporary K-Drama.