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Everyone Can Benefit from Dreyer’s English — Especially Scholars

Chris Yogerst reviews Random House copy chief Benjamin Dreyer's "Dreyer's English."

Asking for a Friend: Turns Out I Don’t Like Parenthood. Now What?

"Dear Olive, I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old, and honestly, it sucks."

The Undeserving Favourite

Grace Hadland critiques Yorgos Lanthimos's representation of queerness in his newest film "The Favourite."

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Justin Grimbol on Climbing Icy Driveways and Settling Down to Write

Michael Friedrich talks to Justin Grimbol about his new novella, Impossible Driveways, and the influence chronic anxiety and marriage have had on his work.

Longing for Italy, La Bella Paese: A Conversation Between Crystal King and Stephanie Storey

Crystal King, author of "The Chef's Secret," and Stephanie Storey, author of "Oil and Marble," discuss their novels, and the art and food of ancient Italy.

On Finding Your Shadow: Liana Finck’s Passing for Human

Suhasini Yeeda writes about drawing as mode of self-interrogation in Liana Finck's recent graphic memoir.

Writing Toward Freedom: Zadie Smith’s Feel Free

Sarah Haas reviews Zadie Smith's essay collection, "Feel Free."

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Richard Wei Semus muses on representations of the contemporary cowboy in Chloé Zhao’s film "The Rider" and Mitski's album "Be the Cowboy."

Remote but Relevant

Eric Rignot contributes to the Provocations series in conjunction with UCI's "Fire and Ice: The Shifting Narratives of Climate Change." conference.

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