A Fiction, But at the Same Time it Exists: Talking to Laura Moriarty

Andy Fitch interviews Laura Moriarty about her book-length essay "A Tonalist" and subsequent collection "Who that Divines."

To Connect Them to Their Sensory: Talking to Edwin Torres

Andy Fitch interviews Edwin Torres, author of "In the Function of External Circumstances," from Nightboat Books.

No Single Kind of Discourse Will Be Believable By Itself: Talking to Susan Gevirtz

Andy Fitch interviews Susan Gevirtz, author of "Coming Events," for his series, Dialogue Diary.

Already Intertwined: Talking to Daniel Borzutzky and Brenda Lozano About Lit & Luz

Andy Fitch talks to Daniel Borzutzky and Brenda Lozano about Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art.