What a Girl Wants?: On Assassination Nation

Zoe Dubno reviews "Assassination Nation," a "miasma of gore, teen ass, and fake-woke political thought."

Art Inside: Painted Windows

For her Art Inside series, Annie Buckley reflects on the Arts Facilitator Training, a program for incarcerated individuals to lead classes for their peers.

In Defense of Sierra Burgess

Despite criticisms, Marlena Trafas argues that “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” portrays deep truths about plus-size teenage insecurity.

Wounds in Time: Why We Need Rothko More Than Ever

Brad Evans on the prescience of Mark Rothko’s work, which “opens up wounds in time.”

Livable Art: Classical Music in The Ensemble and The Incendiaries

Shannon Draucker examines the role classical music plays in two recent novels, Aja Gabel's "The Ensemble" and R. O. Kwon's "The Incendiaries."

Audio Salve: The Relentless Picnic Podcast and the Power of a Real Conversation

The Relentless Picnic podcast highlights the power and impact of simple conversations among friends.

Rigo 23 Honors Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier with a Nine-Foot Statue

Portuguese artist Ricardo Gouveia honors Native American activist Leonard Peltier at the Main Museum in DTLA.