• 55 Voices for Democracy: Ananya Roy

    The Thomas Mann House series "55 Voices for Democracy" presents a speech by Ananya Roy.

    James Bond’s Martini: A Theory

    Robert Slayton surveys the history of James Bond's iconic drink order.

    Baby Sharks

    Greg Gerke talks about the emblematic images of our time.

    The Impeachment: Democracy in Decline Disguised as Democracy in Action 

    Miriam Greenspan argues that the impeachment proceedings will not eliminate fascism in America.

    Theorizing at Home

    Robert Wood discusses the influence a section of Hegel had on his trajectory as a theorist and poet.

    A Farewell to LACMA’s Bing Theatre

    Eric Gudas pens a eulogy for the Leo S. Bing Theatre, set to be demolished during Michael Govan and Peter Zumthor’s LACMA renovation.