John Dolan’s Brutal and Absurd War Nerd Iliad

Jacob Bacharach discusses John Dolan's prose translation of Homer's epic, "War Nerd Iliad."

“Smells Like Work”: Examining Employment in Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson

Apoorva Tadepalli examines the depiction of and disregard for employment in the work of Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson.

Help Combat Discrimination by Understanding the Origins of African American English

Dr. Viorica Marian describes the history of African American English, and considers the powerful symbolism of the use of Xhosa in "Black Panther."

Who Am I to Judge?

Sebastian Stockman recounts his harrowing experience as a judge for the National Book Critics Circle John Leonard Award.


Tara Ison gets stuck in a haboob in Arizona, and reflects on a lifetime of dangerous road trips.

Dancing with Chains

Hollis Robbins discusses Chinese scholarship of American literature.

The Passion of Holy Week

Elizabeth Harper visits Zamora to see Spain’s oldest Holy Week celebration.