Cork, Ireland: The Place of Literature in a City Rising

While Cork, Ireland is a city transformed by globalization and gentrification, it's literary figures still reinforce the city's distinct feel.

Little Tasks: Fish Boy by John Gosslee

Anthony Immergluck reviews "Fish Boy," a recent poetry collection by John Gosslee.

A (Non-Selective) Heard Violence: Interview with Poet Claire Marie Stancek

Perwana Nazif and Claire Marie Stancek discuss sound, form, and destruction.

Birds Among Us: on Asiya Wadud’s Crosslight for Youngbird

Austin Adams reviews Asiya Wadud's debut collection, "Crosslight for Youngbird."

An Image or Idea Arises to Fill Out the Blank: An Interview with Poet Kate Colby

Nathan Scott McNamara interviews poet Kate Colby about her new book "The Arrangements."

On Holy Ghost: An Interview with David Brazil

Yosefa Raz interviews David Brazil about his poetry collection "Holy Ghost."

Drinking with the Ghost: Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen in Portugal

On a recent trip to Porto, Portugal Katie Orphan reads and reflects on Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen's collection of short stories, "Exemplary Tales."