• An Argument that Readers Have to Finish on Their Own: Talking to Jeremy Fortier

    Andy Fitch talks with Jeremy Fortier about frustrated desire and his book "The Challenges of Nietzsche."

    World out of Joint: Talking to Wolfgang Ischinger

    Andy Fitch talks with Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany’s former deputy foreign minister and former German ambassador to both the US and the UK.

    Stronger than the Gun Lobby: Talking to Senator Chris Murphy

    Andy Fitch talks with Senator Chris Murphy about the firearm epidemic in the United States and his book "The Violence Inside Us."

    Progressives Need Their Own Pantheon: Talking to Senator Sherrod Brown

    Andy Fitch talks with US Senator Sherrod Brown about the varied tenets of progressive representative politics and his book "Desk 88."

    The Most Rampant Political Mischief Right Now: Talking to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

    Andy Fitch talks with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse about undoing the corruption in American politics and his book "Captured."

    The Alternative to Regime Change: Talking to Philip Gordon

    Andy Fitch and Philip Gordon inspect the problems plaguing regime-change thinking in the Middle East, and Gordon's book "Losing the Long Game."

    This Obligation to Lead the Next Generation: Talking to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

    Andy Fitch talks with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about women activists of the past who empowered today's politics and Gillibrand’s book "Bold & Brave."