• Bigger, Longer Term Challenges: Talking to Matthew Yglesias

    Andy Fitch talks with Matthew Yglesias about how to build a much larger, more efficient America and his book "One Billion Americans."

    Time to Return the Cadillac: Talking to Senator Jon Tester

    Andy Fitch talks with Senator Jon Tester (MT) about politics in rural communities and his recent book "Grounded."

    The Magnificence of Our Surroundings: Talking to Senator Angus King

    What to do when you sense your Instagram posts suddenly getting much more political? What if you already started off …

    Much More Imaginative and Durable Solutions: Talking to Senator Michael Bennet

    Andy Fitch talks with United States Senator from Colorado Michael Bennet about sturdy political foundations and his book "The Land of Flickering Lights."

    Politics and Policies of Economic Insecurity: Talking to Michael J. Graetz

    Andy Fitch talks with Michael J. Graetz about wealth inequality and his book "The Wolf at the Door."

    Expanding Interdependence: Talking to Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Andy Fitch talks with Jeffrey D. Sachs about how we became a global species, and what that means now.

    Maximum Profits and Maximum Power: Talking to Zephyr Teachout

    Andy Fitch talks with Zephyr Teachout about antitrust, vertical integration, and a return to feudalism — all topics in her book "Break 'Em Up."