• Understanding Korea’s Unique Situation: Routledge’s New Handbook of Contemporary South Korea

    Colin Marshall thinks about the export of Korean culture in the academy and Routledge's recent "Handbook of Contemporary South Korea."

    The South Korean Writer Locked Up for Daring to Go North: Hwang Sok-yong’s Memoir The Prisoner

    Colin Marshall writes of Hwang Sok-yong's "The Prisoner," a memoir of his captivity in South Korea for traveling north of the 38th Parallel.

    Before There Were Korean TV Dramas, There Was Lee Hyeong-pyo’s Under the Sky of Seoul (1961)

    Colin Marshall surveys a portrait of an older Seoul in Lee Hyeong-pyo's "Under the Sky of Seoul" (1961).

    The Korean Literary Crime Wave: Pyun Hye-young’s The Law of Lines and Yun Ko-eun’s The Disaster Tourist

    For the final installment of Colin Marshall's look into recent Korean crime fiction, he reviews "The Law of Lines" and "The Disaster Tourist."

    The Korean Literary Crime Wave: Kim Young-ha’s Diary of a Murderer and Seo Mi-ae’s The Only Child

    For this week's Korea Blog, Colin Marshall looks at two more works joining the ranks of Korea's crime novel corpus.

    The Korean Literary Crime Wave: Jeong You-jeong’s The Good Son and Kim Un-su’s The Plotters

    Colin Marshall looks at recent Korean crime fiction by Jeong You-jeong and Kim Un-su.

    Stroll through the Real Cities of Korea from Anywhere in the World with YouTube’s Seoul Walker

    For this week's Korea Blog, Colin Marshall inspects the digital flâneur YouTube channel, Seoul Walker.