• Proper Travel: Island-Hopping Englishman Michael Gibb’s A Korean Odyssey

    "Even when transplanted to the other side of the world, it seems, a man from an island not known for its pleasant weather will seek out more of the same."

    Revisiting the Late Kevin O’Rourke’s My Korea, a Curious Memoir of a Land that Gets in the Blood

    Colin Marshall remembers Kevin O'Rourke's long-haul observations of changes in Korean society.

    Clarice Lispector Reborn in David Lynch’s Seoul: An Introduction to Outsider Novelist-Essayist Bae Suah

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    An American Aid Worker in Pyongyang: Andray Abrahamian’s Being in North Korea

    For this week's Korea Blog, Andrei Rogatchevski takes a look at Andray Abrahamian’s "Being in North Korea."

    The Woman Who Ran: The Cinematic-Romantic Collaboration of Hong Sangsoo and Kim Min-Hee Evolves

    "The collision of the sexes in Hong's work has become more awkward and disembodied over time, and sex itself has dwindled to a conspicuous absence."

    The Great Korean Plastic Surgery Novel: Frances Cha’s If I Had Your Face

    When first learning Korean in Los Angeles, I went to a Koreatown bookstore in search of simple reading material. There …

    No Sex Please, This Is Korea: Jang Sun-woo’s The Road to the Race Track (1991)

    Colin Marshall continues his dive into the Korean Film Archive’s YouTube channel with Jang Sun-woo's "The Road to the Race Track" (1991).