• Eating “Naturally”: Talking to Jonathan Safran Foer

    Andy Fitch interviews Jonathan Safran Foer about his latest book "We Are the Weather" and the climate perils of meat.

    Hour of Opportunity: Talking to Binyamin Appelbaum

    Andy Fitch talks with Binyamin Appelbaum about the virtues of economic pacing and the rise of neoliberalism.

    For Conservatives Critical of Trump: Talking to Peter Wehner

    Andy Fitch interviews Peter Wehner about the state of contemporary conservatism, strategies for unity, and his new book "The Death of Politics."

    Certain Complexities of the Moment: Talking to Daniel Kurtz-Phelan

    Andy Fitch talks with Daniel Kurtz-Phelan about the legacy of US foreign policy in China and his recent book "The China Mission."

    Reporting on the Menace: Talking to Joy-Ann Reid

    Andy Fitch speaks with Joy-Ann Reid about contextualizing modern racism, the media's missteps in covering Trump, and her book "The Man Who Sold America."

    Everything We Still Take for Granted: Talking to David Wallace-Wells

    Andy Fitch talks with David Wallace-Wells about his book "The Uninhabitable Earth" and our insatiable consumption habits.