• Pivotal Decisions Made Along the Way: Talking to Darrell M. West

    Andy Fitch talks with Darrell M. West about how AI transforms our society — for better or worse.

    That Better America for Everyone: Talking to Representative Ilhan Omar

    Representative Ilhan Omar talks about a past that led her to stand up for New Americans and embrace the challenges of American democracy.

    Their Understanding of Who We Are: Talking to Dipayan Ghosh

    Andy Fitch interviews Dipayan Ghosh about what tech companies actually do with the data they collect and his book "Terms of Disservice."

    Concentrating on Social Meaning: Talking to Ramya Krishnan

    Andy Fitch talks with Ramya Krishnan about distinguishing speech from data and what constitutes protected speech in digital spaces.

    China’s Gradual Approach: Talking to David Dollar

    Andy Fitch talks with David Dollar about the demographic and economic challenges China faces over the next three decades.

    Pay for Health Outcomes: Talking to Vivian S. Lee

    Andy Fitch talks with Vivian S. Lee about the broken aspects of the American healthcare system and how to fix them.

    Fontana after the Ruins: A Conversation with Luca Massimo Barbero

    Alexandre Saden talks with curator Luca Massimo Barbero about the exhibition "Lucio Fontana: Walking the Space" at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles.