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    Meet Michael Marder, Founder of The Philosopher’s Plant.

    What do you do and why?

    Thinking, writing, sharing the results with others. I used to answer the question “Why?” with another question: “Why do you breathe?” It’s a calling.  

    What is your favorite place to write/edit outside of your home?

    I do not often have the luxury of choosing where to write: planes, trains, buses, bureaucratic line-ups have all been the backdrops for my writing. I like working in cafés occasionally, but they ought to have excellent views and as little background noise as possible.

    What is your favorite thing to drink while writing/editing?

    Green tea, preferably with jasmine.

    NASA asks you to select one piece of art/literature/music/film to send into space that will explain our civilization to aliens. What do you chose and why?

    A CD of Bernardo Sassetti Trio titled “Motion”. It speaks for itself, in the language of music.

    Share a cultural moment/experience you had in 2015 that you really enjoyed.

    Attending Iberian Suite: Global Arts Remix at the Kennedy Center in DC

    Share a cultural moment/experience you had in 2015 that you really didn’t enjoy.

    Watching “007: Spectre”, the new James Bond movie: not so much because of a flimsy plot but because of its utterly naive conception of power, which remains centralized and traceable to a single person or institution.

    What is the one question you always wish people would ask in interviews? Now answer it!

    Do you like being interviewed? Not that much…