• Adventures in Life and Food With JGold

    I knew you since high school, hanging in your
    Mom’s library at Dorsey

    We both kicked it on Hollywood corners
    Saw the black dude with curlers and shower cap
    Miming to opera records, and them freaks
    And those bookstores

    Remember a lifetime later you started calling
    Me your young friend though I was 2 years older
    And we started to roll through your LA and I learned
    You ate everything.

    We were at another place where Hollywood agents ate.
    And the salmon mousse tasted weird
    salt that wouldn’t dissolve, you said it was fine
    Until you tried it and said, don’t eat it
    That’s not salt, it’s glass; the jar had imploded

    Damn…so weird and on the way home you made
    That right on La Cienega and the police pulled us
    Over and you had those expired tags and went all Falstaff
    On those rollers and one touched his gun and
    Then they towed the truck and we were stuck.
    Under a freeway overpass at midnight in a gangster hood
    Until Laurie rescued us.

    Remember that time I was on the phone with Jinghuan in China
    You noticed police behind us
    Expired tags no thing at all
    Until they ordered me out the truck at gun point handcuffed
    Us both on Beverly Blvd, I politely suggested
    That your were a famous food writer, you whispered
    Don’t bother they won’t listen
    Finally they realized that you weren’t an escaped
    Felon who shot at cops and they let us go to
    That seafood joint

    Remember those tasteless fat olives that were really water-bugs
    And that cold fresh blood soup?

    Remember those not so great crickets and that
    Mescal bar at 4am in Guadalajara where we LA writers
    enjoyed Tapatío generosity

    Remember the Rose Parade at Sumi’s, and that frigid horizontal rain,
    Our brood riding in the truck bed to and fro and there we ate cinnamon
    Rolls while Elise and Leon broke into a break dance then home for
    Black-eyed peas to celebrate the New Year

    Remember Santa Barbara where Jinghuan and
    I were to be married and you were the best man and
    Signed your name where hers was supposed to be and
    The justice of the peace thought we were getting hitched

    Remember awards and books
    And travels and endless brilliant meals at your

    Remember the travails and happiness of
    Family and friends.

    Remember that you belong to Los Angeles to us All
    In your singular herculean generosity
    We remember it All and we will remember you.
    As we look at Los Angeles and ourselves through Gold eyes.

    And I remember the truth: I never ate better than at your house.