• November Horoscopes

    By Ichrak Dahou

    There are months that are about chatter and engagement, months about diligence and purity, months about social exchange and the intricacies of a just society, and then there are the months that grab you by the gut and ask you to say without words what you’re really about. That’s part of the reason why Scorpio season is associated with therapy. Therapy, ideally, is a safe space where dropping boundaries and presenting the most raw and honest version of yourself finds a ready container. It is a place to process and heal, to change what used to be a crippling vulnerability into a formidable storehouse of strength. But there is a lot that happens in the middle of those spaces, and there is no skipping over that difficult, tumultuous part. That middle is what Scorpio is about.

    As the month opens we are carrying in a late-October New Moon in Scorpio, which favors deep emotional connection, penetrating insight, and raw self-honesty. November also features the beginning of the Jupiter Pluto square, an alignment that deepens the craving for an essential change that uproots a stale status quo to establish situations that take everyone into account, and are more beneficial for all. The Full Moon on November 14th is one of the loveliest of the year, emphasizing sensual enjoyment and quality treatment for the body — it’s a great time to spend in nature. Heightened access to intuition, creativity, and imagination are available on the days surrounding the 18th, at which time there is also increased sensitivity to substances. The third week of the month is eventful, fast moving, and packed with potency. As we shift into Sagittarius season, love undergoes a deepening and mental clarity is at a peak, so we know exactly what is going on. This is a month for the books. I’m wishing you a great one.

    With love,

    Illustrations by Abby Litman



    Your closest partnerships have an increased ability to bring powerful change to your professional life. You are on the receiving end of benevolence and optimism in your close relationships, and in this month will mark the beginning of a fundamental shift in your career. This is just the beginning of this planetary influence, so take notes and think ahead — you will benefit from such foresight in the months to come. This is a good month to think about new ways you can collaborate with others — that may mean pooling resources as a strategy for progress, or working through any fears about relying too much on others. As long as you keep everything clearly defined, signed where signatures are needed, know that you are more than likely to benefit through increased partnership than going it alone for the next while. If you have been meaning to get out there and actively network, socialize, and collaborate collectively, you will find abundant energy and opportunity to do that for the next five to six weeks, and by month’s end you could see a decided boost that comes from putting your mind together with others’.

    Other literary Arians include:
    Robert Frost (March 26, 1874),
    Maya Angelou, (April 4, 1928)
    Samuel Beckett (April 13, 1906)



    November introduces a fresh energy into your relationships, and you are ripe for some deep exchanges. You have the option of deepening an existing relationship, exploring the emotional intricacies of a new relationship, or simply getting clear on what you desire to feel in this most intimate part of your life. From the second week of the month, you have increased energetic reserves to do more for your career or public life. This opportunity to passionately demonstrate your best professional qualities comes once every two years. You can often be a gentle but sturdy influence in your environment, but you are now endowed with more visible strength of force than usual. As your to-do list grows longer, you will find that your daily tasks shed light on the broader vision you have for your life. You are working with a stronger appetite and more profound focus on the breadth of your capabilities. Notice what occurs in the third week of the month, and remember that this is installment one of a three-part story extending well into next year. Watch for the marked intersection of your work life and political leanings. Friends will want you to come out and mingle on the days surrounding the 18th. You are being encouraged to look beyond the reality of the work that has to be done, to be nourished by you extended kinship circles. As long as you maintain your ability to discern reality from a reality lookalike, this time among like-minded others will serve you.

    Other literary Taurans include:
    Harper Lee (April 28, 1926)
    W.G. Sebald (May 18, 1944)
    Adrienne Rich (May 16, 1929)



    Your day-to-day routines have a potent impact on your emotional and mental health, and your ability to function at your best. The New Moon that begins the month asks you to closely consider not only the health of your body, but also of your emotional and mental life. It is a great month to consider beginning a dialogue with a professional to help you optimize the different pieces that comprise your days. The Full Moon on the 14th could find you in a more reflective mode than usual. Take all the time you need to reflect, and then come back strong in the following days. From the second week of November you will be experiencing more desire to broaden your horizons — you might travel, write more and share it with others, or map out a vision for your future. You will carry this energy with you until mid-December, so put it to use and it could yield a sizable benefit. You will find yourself on the receiving end of a circuit of mental energy that will elevate your efforts and make your work pay off with dividends. In the third week of the month, simple pleasures will begin to ask for a deeper engagement than you’re used to. You may find yourself inspired to creatively express yourself in a way that nods to some of the broader societal dynamics you see playing out around you. This is the beginning of a thread that winds well into next year. Navigating this means finding pleasure in the discomfort of sharing vulnerability in a mutually beneficial collaboration.

    Other literary Geminis include:
    Lydia Yuknavitch (June 18, 1963)
    Walt Whitman (May 31, 1819)
    Salman Rushdie (June 19, 1947)




    The New Moon at the beginning of the month invites you to bring deeper and more pleasurable emotional exchange into your life. Recreation, sex, and other pleasures are especially beneficial for you. These are where you get crucial sustenance. While the last month was a dynamic time for your close partnerships, that power this month transfers to the resources you and your partners share. Toward the month’s end you may be drawing on more of these shared resources, in an effort to make your lives a bit sweeter. The Full Moon on the 14th casts a twofold influence over your life this month. First, it highlights the ways your social contacts can provide you with beneficial, meaningful support. And second, it asks you to ask yourself if you’re doing the things that really make you come alive and give you deep satisfaction. In the afterglow of the Full Moon, your home and family life may undergo a bit of pressure to change in some way. Note what happens in this third week of November, as this is the beginning point of a timeline that lasts through the third quarter of next year.

    Other literary Cancerians include:
    Rebecca Solnit (June 24, 1961)
    Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1904)
    Octavia Butler (June 22, 1947) 




    The month begins with a New Moon that highlights your home and family life. If there are any changes that need to be made here, this New Moon is a good time to initiate them. From the second week of November you are in for five weeks of increased activity in your romantic partnerships, business partnerships, and close friendships. In this time frame your partners are more active themselves, and they also respond more readily to your inspiring them to take action. In the last week of the month, a development in a close partnership may have you taking a short trip or a weekend workshop together. A sibling or other close family member may be the one to matchmake or spark the idea. Your day-to-day life is undergoing an energetic renovation now. Changes to your health might come from a refinement in your daily practices, your perceptions of your own potential (you can tap into many more sources of possibility now), or an adjustment within a sibling relationship. The Full Moon on the 14th is all about how you show up publicly in the world, especially in your career. It is one of the best Full Moons of the year, and it is an excellent time to make a point of showing off your best qualities.

    Other literary Leos include:
    James Baldwin (August 2, 1924)
    V. S. Naipaul (August 17, 1932)
    Charles Bukowski (August 16, 1920)




    Late October’s Scorpio New Moon begins a lunar cycle of more depth in thinking, writing, and speaking in your life. Color your conversations with the true extent of the penetrative abilities of your mind. A close partner might inspire a more textured approach to the way you perceive life — an approach that takes you into realms of emotion you may not travel to, if left to your own devices. Your close relationships may experience a gentle flood of emotion and imagination mid-month, when Neptune moves direct. Will you dream of a partner? With them? Will you access previously unknown emotional gateways together? A panorama of emotional texture opens in the space between you and a close partner at this time. You provide those you are closest to with much-appreciated grounding and discernment. They will appreciate that container of yours a bit more right before the Full Moon on the 14th. The message of that Moon may come from far away — from a mystical, spiritual source, or a literal foreign land. Romance and reward become intertwined in the third week of the month, asking for a creative approach to a scenario that is at the same time requiring a calm demeanor in the face of profound change. Note this moment, as this is the opening to a story that will unfold through the latter half of next year. You may have been having more fun than usual this past month — in November that vigor is transferred to your health and work life. You have increased reserves to devote to this area of your life for the next five to six weeks.

    Other literary Virgos include:
    Mary Oliver (September 10, 1935)
    Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922)
    Jorge Luis Borges (August 24, 1899)



    This month opens with a New Moon that, for you, is all about money. For Libra, the symbolism of money often lies in the way you are inspired by others to make your own. Consider whether it has been the case for you that merged mutual interests take your earning capacity further than going it alone. Beyond cash, that can take the form of shared vitality, shared inspiration, or direct collaboration. Your earnings in light of other people are the focus because this month’s Full Moon shares a complementary theme. The Full Moon in Taurus on the 14th has you thinking about the ways in which you benefit from sharing your resources with others, and vice versa. At that time, you may be pleased with what you find: the deepened intimacy generated from the trust required to fairly give, take, and share with another. By the time the Full Moon’s energetic waves in one of the most intimate areas of your sign’s chart begin to subside, another potent force picks up. You may be considering the ways you want to stretch your life to meet your expanding appetites, and that might mean a bit of a rumble in your home life. There is a way to create a solid positive outcome, and it will require deployment of your best Libran skills of negotiation, charm, and keen eye for balance. From the second week of November to the third week of December, you experience more vitality for romance, sex, and productive recreation. You could make a baby (or just go through the motions), throw a party, or create smart art.

    Other literary Librans include:
    Ursula K. Le Guin  (October 21, 1929)
    Ta-Nehisi Coates (September 30, 1975)
    e e cummings (October 14, 1894)



    A New Moon in your sign opens up the month, unlocking an energetic channel for a fresh approach to how you personally show up in the world. Any new projects, new personal presentation, and new ideas are the kind of thing this New Moon is making space for you to direct into the world. By the Full Moon on the 14th you are noticing the support you have from your closest partners in realizing your desires. If you’re curious about who has your back, now is the time to look. If you’re interested in cultivating a partnership or sweetening up an existing one, this lunar cycle is ideal. Any worries about the hidden social agendas of other people can effectively be dissolved — you are protected by unseen forces for many months to come. In that regard, take good care not to let your potent steamroller mind get the best of you. The third week of the month launches a storyline that extends well into next year. It has to do with a tension between what you are thinking and what you are not quite yet prepared to reveal. It looks to me like a process of critical revision will be underway, with much good help available to you from clandestine sources. On the days surrounding November 18th an ethereal quality of energy begins to flow softly into the realms of romance, sex, and creativity. Make something rich with the flush creative potency available to you in those days.

    Other literary Librans include:
    Chinua Achebe (November 16, 1930)
    Don DeLillo (November 20, 1936) 
    Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932) 


    The New Moon that opens this month takes place in the most hidden part of your chart, inviting you to turn inward in the first weeks of the month. You will seek to connect to the deepest desires that guide your life — these are the kind of connections only you can access for yourself, that can help you understand your place in the world. This month transfers energetic focus from assessment and restructuring of your income to a focus on siblings, writing, and short travels. You may be going on frequent short journeys for the next five to six weeks as this area of your life receives an additional boost of energy. In the third week of the month, a development begins to unfold related to the fulfillment of a long-held personal dream, and the funds it takes to realize it. You may be in touch with big institutions, or maneuvering the power of your contacts to get funds flowing in your direction. Notice what happens now and remember follow the leads that turn up at this time — the seeds that are being planted right now will be sprouting and blooming unexpected flowers in the months to come.

    Other literary Sagittarians include:
    Willa Cather (December 7, 1873)
    Joan Didion (December 5, 1934)
    Jane Austen (December 16, 1775)



    This month puts a focus on your social contacts and deeply held dreams. A New Moon opens up the month with an inspiration to connect with the web of people in your social sphere, letting your personal exchanges nourish you. You have been exerting your inexhaustible personal energy into advancing your mission here on earth, and that rocket fuel is about to bring you some serious payoff. For the next five to six weeks, you have the energy to devote to the more efficient organizational structuring of your earning capacity. This month the changes you have been making in how you show up in the world as the most real version of yourself seek a reconciliation with the expansion you are experiencing in your career. You will have to examine what personal power means to you and how much of it you are comfortable wielding publicly. Glide deftly through the discomfort to get to the good part, which is there, and take note of the story that emerges in full in the third week of the month. This is Part One of a trilogy that extends into coming year. The Full Moon on the 14th is ripe for bringing out the good wine, enjoying a lover, and other such sensual pleasures. On the days surrounding November 18th, expect a line of thought you have been turning over in your mind to subtly untangle itself before your eyes. Venus graces your sign from the 12th, granting you increased charm. You become more attractive and magnetic exactly as you are.

    Other literary Capricorns include:
    Simone de Beauvoir (January 9, 1908)
    Zora Neale Hurston (January 7, 1891) 
    Junot Díaz (December 31, 1968)




    This month’s lunar cycle starts with an invitation to open up new possibilities in your professional life. Has there been a facet of yourself you have wanted to express in your career? Are there ways you can merge what you intuitively know would financially serve you with a new activity in your public life? Consider the possibility that your professional and public life can be resonant with your truest self-conception. On the 14th, the Full Moon makes home feel like the coziest place in the world. Staying in and cooking a luscious dinner would feel good around then, though you may have competing priorities with work responsibilities. If you tap into the support of family and very close friends, you’ll find it in spades. For some time, you have been undergoing an internal psychological churning. The purpose of this is to bring ancient memories to the surface of your consciousness for processing and purging, so that you are again infused some long-lost element of power that is rightfully yours. It’s important to map this out, because in the third week of the month, that long-standing internal project is activated by a desire to expand your life in some way — through a spiritual practice, travel, or a personal vision you hold for your future. Note this, as it is the beginning of a pattern that develops well into next year. You are more personally energized for five to six weeks from the second week of the month. Within that timeframe you will have more than usual energy for exercise and an expanded scope of personal action.

    Other literary Aquarians include:
    Charles Dickens (February 7, 1812)
    Alice Walker (February 9, 1944) 
    Edward Abbey (January 29, 1927)



    For you, the New Moon early in the month is about seeding the visions for your future that feel most emotionally nourishing for you. Allowing for all possibilities and seeking productive change over time is a theme circling around this New Moon. By the time the Moon grows to Fullness on the 18th, you could be taking concrete steps to making your long-term vision a reality. This month features a magnification in the clandestine corners of your inner life. If you want to do something with this energy you have available to you, you could experiment with lucid dreaming, group telepathy, or meditation. The benefit of this type of exercise is making active use of the intuitive and creative abilities you are so rich in, and signaling to whatever secret forces are in play your desire to be in synchrony with them, which amplifies the actions you take in the physical world. If the physical world has been demanding much from you, diving headfirst into the toil, acknowledging reality for what it is, is the strategy to take at this time. The third week of this month begins a new story in your life. The plot goes like this: changes are generated in your social sphere when you allow yourself to have more openhearted exchanges of the most tender and intimate variety, with someone close to you. These days, the vulnerability you might otherwise feel in sharing so deeply is actually padded and protected by a layer of benevolence. This is the case for the foreseeable future. When you drop into the goodness of that, others take notice of you.

    Other literary Pisceans include:
    David Foster Wallace (February 21, 1962)
    Carson McCullers (February 19, 1917)
    Maxim Gorky (March 28, 1868)