• May Horoscopes

    By Ichrak Dahou

    May is a fiery and fast-paced month that eases us into the quickness and progress of June. The Sun traveling through the stars of Taurus politely requests that we savor each moment. This is a good month to think about and integrate the many pauses and inquiries generated by April’s many retrogrades. Mars vivifying lingual Gemini inspires curiosity, connection, and conversation. When seeking to dream up plans or solidify moves that bring luck or expansion, be sure that all the details are in fact what they are perceived to be. This month Venus wraps up her retrograde journey in earnest and with a bang. It is a good month to slowly integrate the important growth and subtle transformation we have experienced since late March.


    Illustrations by Abby Litman 


    As the month opens up, Mercury changes direction in your sign, opening a flow of insight, communication, and realization. May is a different beast than April and things finally start moving again, which means other people are more likely to complement the pace at which you normally like to take things. You are busy this month taking care of paperwork, making more calls than usual, or doing more writing and editing. Siblings may be feeling like they want more of your time and energy so if you need a break (Aries? Break?) from your busy life, consider doing something active or imaginative with your siblings in your downtime. This is a great month to enhance your networking and make connections between people who can benefit from knowing each other. Remember that for the first half of the month you are blessed with the charms of Venus moving through your sign, so you are more magnetic, beautiful, and attractive to opportunity. The days around the 18th of the month bring a particular stroke of luck, romantic renaissance, or brilliant series of ideas for you to act on. After that, a new phase in love begins.


    Life, vitality, and radiance become you this month as the Sun travels through your sign for its annual jaunt. After a trying time with your ruling planet, Venus, doing a retrograde dance for the last couple of months, this month you get the air back in your lungs and your feet back on the ground. Watch for an incoming stroke of luck around the 18th of the month, or an inspiration that may come as a gentle whisper about the way you work, or a health matter that has been on your mind. Mars, the planet of masculine-like strength, vigor, and assertion funnels hot and fiery energy through you with regard to your money — meaning you find it easy to feel inspired to take action in this area of life. If you’re self employed, this is a good time to consider creative ideas to increase your funds. You could also consider your investment options, or pick up a creative side project, just for the fun and love of it.


    While you are stimulated and invigorated by fiery Mars through your sign this month, you are also asked to make way for regular periods of quiet retreat. This will loosen up your mental landscape and promote Tao-like influence in the actions you take. Do take the long way in any and all affairs and be aware of too-good-to-be-true situations. And definitely don’t let a slippery work situation get the best of you. Keep in mind that cut corners and foggy motivations become clear toward the end of the month. It is around that time that you will feel life and vitality enter your life, infusing you with fresh radiance and new life. This month you are the action taker of the zodiac, and you have cosmic support in executing your creative plans and endeavors even as inspiration is flowing profusely and potently. Your dream life is a wonderful source of guidance on any career questions you are asking yourself.


    Your capacity to connect people with their feelings has a necessary draw in a world that is in many ways bent on silencing people’s hearts. This month a subtle force is running the show, so be sure to follow cues from your intuition and inspiration over consciously designed direction. Friends and associates in your social sphere provide vitalizing exchanges with you this month. They may be able to provide support for a transformation in your philosophical approach to your work. This month’s Full Moon is in a supportive angle to your sign, and it would be beneficial for you to make space for creative impulse to flow through you uninhibitedly. This is also a great time to get in deeper touch with a partner. Deep and healing conversations flow freely, and you may find collaboration over an existing or resurrected project on the table.


    You’re up for a surge of energy in the way you work or what you pursue as your work. You may realize that you want to change tracks, or a fresh possibility steps out of the shadows and opens up a bright new avenue for you to explore. More social events and invitations may have you out and about much more than usual. When it comes to socializing, notice where there are exchanges between others that move into the bounds of intimacy and perhaps even healing. There is something about giving the best of yourself and receiving the best from others that changes you and even touches you this month. You are known for your generosity, but just make sure that in the process of give and take, your excitement to share with others is supported with verifiable references to reality. Given that, it’s likely your social activity could lead to increased luck with writing or publishing, busier days that are also happier, and of course the connection that comes with growing through things with others.


    It is a good month to consider the long term dreams and visions you have for your life. A nature retreat or soul soothing hike would be the kind of experience that connects you with what you want for yourself in the months and years to come. It is a great month to reconnect with your deeper spiritual values, whether that is through yoga, hanging out in nature, or watching your kids play. You are coming to the end of a growth phase when it comes to sharing with others — your emotions, your money, and your body. This month features more focus and energy put into work, with potential for an increase in money you earn due to a connection, relationship, or simply the increase in activity at work. Make sure you are taking care of yourself through it all. You may need to balance a close relationship with your increased demands at work. With some adjustment and communication, you can find and convey balance.


    A relationship or collaboration project finally reveals its grand storyline to you this month. Soak up the insights and enjoy the relative peace in your relationships, an indication of a broader long term trend. This month you are exploring your energetic give and take with others. If there are any places where you’d like to shore up your boundaries so that what comes in and what goes out feels more fair overall, this is a great month to conduct such an investigation. Let yourself think about the far off places you would like to go and the far off goals you would like to reach. Definitely dream up the best possible version of your future you can envision, and begin to create supportive foundations underneath your sky castles. You might have to make an adjustment in how you see your work or how you conduct your day to day affairs in order to realize a vision.


    You may be coming to a new understanding of a romantic partner this month, as they come out of a growth passage they have been experiencing for the past several weeks. The Sun traveling in your opposite sign highlights relationships all month, so if there is someone who is interested in you they will make themselves known. An inclination to give or support a close partner, romantic or otherwise, will be a feature all month. Generating shared funds to support a creative project is a potential joint endeavor this month. Make sure you and your partner are both seeing clearly and on the same page about the tasks you are each responsible for. This month’s Full Moon is in your sign, a celebration of you in all your facets. That is a great time to do a 360 degree check in with where you are and where you’d like to be.


    This month you are streamlining the organization of work life and those day to day tasks that keep you on the move. You may be asking yourself questions about what you want your days to look like, or even bigger questions like what activities give your days meaning. Romantic and other close partners may feel more communicative than usual. They are likely to respond well to a variety of stimulating events so try suggesting new and interesting things to do together. A change in your approach to your creativity in general or a specific creative project will find favor with people you hope to present them to. One generous person in particular may help you to complete the revised approach you have been allowing to slow cook over the past months. You can effectively introduce yourself to new places, people, and spaces to put the past to rest and bring in a fresh vitality.


    A great many good things come from keeping busy, but be sure to schedule in time for self care as your workload increases this month. Sleep, downtime, and self care practices benefit all the work you do. Effective action is best followed up by deep and quiet reflection, which in turn generates more effective action. This month may bring a culmination or resolution having to do with your home base. Someone at work may suggest an idea or offer you a connection that winds up opening up a new set of possibilities on the home front. Your home is the seat of your stability in the world, and all effective outer action stems from a living environment that supports that. Venus’ retrograde passage signals that you must honor your ideas by giving them the right conditions for life. Take them seriously, give them birth, raise them with tenderness, and when they are ready, release them into the wild for which they are best suited.


    As the Sun travels through the bottom-most sector of your chart, you may feel like enjoying the fruits of a cloistered existence. The natural energy flow this bringis matters to an end, explores your emotional life, and tends to your home and family. You will have a lot of energy available for your creative pursuits, just be careful about entering into any financially foggy dreams or schemes. Make sure all the facts are accounted for. Consider the future of any creative paths you have forged and really let yourself dream. This month’s Full Moon illuminates your work in the world, what others know you for, what you consider your vocation. Although Aquarians are the brainy sort, they are also often spiritual, and your work is colored with esoteric doctrines and influences. You may find that a writing project or an idea that you’ve been mulling over arrives at a resolution this month. After its final formation, it goes through one last transformation, so don’t be afraid to let it grow a new leaf.


    More attention is being placed on what you say and how you say it this month. Your chart shows that your words have the ability to bring calm, peace, and stability to others. This month brings a culmination to a dynamic period in your financial life. Some adjustments may be called for in regards to where you see your financial future. Honor this and it will not bring you any trouble. Much energy flows through you into your home life this month. Evaluate any potential conflicts to see what is really at stake. Making that change will offer you greater peace to tend to your burgeoning career success.