• June Horoscopes

    By The Voluptuous Witch

    We emerge from a catalyzing, dynamic, and intermittently unstable few months into the more elementally balanced astrology of June, pulling us more gently but in numerous directions. With Mercury and Venus now out of retrograde and shadow, our plans are able to come to fruition. June begins with a gorgeous connection between the Sun and Jupiter that will undoubtedly bring luck, fun, and opportunity our way. The events of the first week of June could even have a fated-feeling quality, witnessing major evolution in any visionary planning and work we did during May, as well as major developments or resolutions in love, connection, or money which will be bursting open just a few days into the month as well. Mid-month brings some mental challenges and tense communication, but the end of the month leaves us with a dreamy, healing, and creative vibe. The last few days of June have outstanding creative and artistic potential as Neptune connects with both Mars and Mercury, so set aside time to write, film or photograph, and be sure to pay attention to the messages you receive in the dreamtime.

    Illustrations by Stephanie Sun


    This month kicks off with fireworks, something you may now be accustomed to after the past few months! Venus in your sign links up with Uranus, Eris, and Isis — bringing together the energies of invention, the wild feminine, and magic — to make some rapid and potentially major changes to your persona, appearance, allure, as well some extremely auspicious conversation and developments in partnership. Your presence has power in the beginning of the month, so use it and be open to surprising moments of magic. Saying and simply being what and how you most want to be is the highest form of magic for you this month! Believe it. A light may shine on some challenges with your publishing projects or travel plans mid-month, just be sure to face any challenges that arise with discipline, maturity, and without being too hard on yourself for maximum success. Productive conversations or resolutions could also potentially happen around that time so long as everyone can keep their cool! You will want to steadily work your magic and up your ownership all month, because the days around the 24th are power days for money, career, fame, and self-worth. This is when you step into your power, see evidence of the evolution that’s happening in terms of your renown, ask for your worth, or set major money intention. Venus in her sign of Taurus is on your side here: you can’t lose. Your ruler Mars will also be making highly creative and communicative connections during this time, so expect creative inspiration to strike and sexual magnetism to profoundly deepen as well!


    A glorious month is in store for you, now that your ruler is out of her retrograde shadow! This means your charm, presence, and power are back on track. June will also be a highly communicative month for you, so get ready to be on point with texting back and making time for meetings. The momentum is palpable, Taurus, and the month starts off with major positive developments with money, resources, health, and self-worth. Coming from a bright place of deep, primordial self-esteem and a feeling of enoughness will bring luck and grace to your work life, routine, and even the way you eat and exercise during the first 10 days of June, after which Jupiter will turn direct and you’ll begin to see the blossoming of all the excellent things you’ve been doing for yourself, plus an influx of cash! This is good because mid-month there may be some tension arising around shared resources or sex, so hold your ground and know that the lessons you are learning in these areas are going to make you more successful in the future. The days around the 24th are excellent for seduction and power moves in love, beauty, and money. Own this and present yourself and your projects with confident power for maximum results. These are very strong days to pitch ideas or do anything related to getting your message out to a bigger audience!


    The stars are definitely shining for you this month, Gemini, because not only are we in your glorious season for most of the month, but the energy of early June opens for you in a particularly dreamy way. Know you have tremendous good fortune in romance, creativity, and shining your light into the world. A blessing is on the way in the form of art, love, fertility or a really fun party! You made it through last month’s retrograde of your ruler Mercury and now there’s really nothing that can stop you. Your social life and networking are now busy, exciting, possibly a bit chaotic, and full of surprises. Meeting an exciting person or opportunity through your wider social circles is definitely possible now, so stay open and flexible. If tensions do arise with an acquaintance or even an organization, do your best to take it in stride and know that other factors are on your side to bring a positive outcome in the long-term. Mid-month you’ll definitely see key partnerships or issues within them highlighted, and you’re doing a lot of growth in this area, so be sure to be extra kind and compassionate to yourself in the days surrounding the 15th. Your sex life and sensuality could be getting a major boost (your psychic powers too) in the days surrounding the 24th, so I hope you set aside some time to enjoy that! The last days of the month are highly creative for you, be sure to spend time with a relaxed mind that allows you to create, listen to music, dance, and simply allow ideas and creation to flow! You could also make some major progress in your career at this time, and you’ll notice you’re extra magnetic and alluring as June wraps up.


    This month brings some welcome love and sweetness to add to your success and career-climbing, Cancer, so hold on tight! The first week of June will bring a blessing or feeling of greater ease around any familial, home-centered, or psychic tensions that have been plaguing you of late, quickly followed by Mars (the action planet) entering your sign! This energizes your vibe considerably, and gives you tons of extra power for the remainder of the month. Your career, fame, and consideration of what you want your life’s work to be has really been center stage of late, and early June brings some big developments in that area as well. You’re reaching a new level of power and renown that could feel still somewhat unstable or full of curveballs, but overall you are making major progress and will soon be enjoying the spoils of even greater success! Mid-month highlights some challenges in your day-to-day work life or your health, so be sure to keep a really consistent self-care practice all month long, upping your nutrition and movement to feel your best, and disavowing pessimism in the workplace. Things may feel tense for a few days there, but remember that all things pass so long as challenges are handled with integrity. The days around the 24th lend you a powerful magnetism in your love and social lives, as well as excellent luck with organizations and networking, so be sure to work this to full advantage! You could come across love, money, or even a new partner through your wider network of friends. Partnership is under review for you in recent years and there may have been many inner or outer upheavals. Venus will be bringing a new blessing and sense of expansive hope to your life in these days, so be sure to spend them with those most important to you or out with friends meeting new potential co-conspirators!


    I am so excited for your possibilities this month, Leo. The North Node has just recently moved into your sign, upping the Leonine glamour and playfulness for the next 18 months. This also favors fated encounters and evolutions for you, so get ready to encounter some beautiful facets of your destiny. June opens with extremely blessed and fortunate communication and connection with your wider community. Your words touch your wider circle, and even your larger aspirations and hopes, in an auspicious way. Definitely be out and about, be seen and heard, as you’re receiving this lucky boost. The breakthroughs in publishing, travel, or simply general expansion of your message continue, so expect the unexpected in these areas. Your key people and true loves are highlighted mid-month. You may come across a challenge or reality-check involving your art or romance around the 15th, but you simultaneously see a highly fated development in partnership. My advice is to stay optimistic and know that developments at this time are for the highest good and potentially lasting. The last 10 days of the month bring major power, beauty, and magic to your career, money, and work realms. The major transformations you’ve been undergoing in work life and health receive an extra blessing now, one that attracts fame, fortune, and the notice of important people. All the work you’ve been doing to craft your message and reshape your daily life to suit your bigger goals can really begin to pay off now. Take big work and fame-oriented actions at this time and watch for signs of confirmation that you’re on the right track.


    Your sex life and deepening intuition, as well as your growing creative powers, have been highlighted recently, and this month asks you to pay extra attention to these instincts that have surfaced, allowing let them guide you to even higher levels of success. June opens with a glorious blessing on your career, fame, and resources. You’ll be feeling extra confident, sexually empowered, and ready to claim your spot at the top. Either your wealth and renown are now increasing, or you simply feel richer or more seen — either way, this boost can be maximized to help your bigger plans for your life’s work and sense of deeper self-love. The tenser part of the month occurs around the 15th when your home life and career could feel at odds, but positive lasting developments could also occur at this time so long as you stay connected the larger goals and growth you’ve been pursuing around family, home, and establishing a firmer foundation for yourself. The last 10 days of the month are outstanding for your publishing projects, working social media to your advantage, and magnetic creativity. This is when the hard work you’ve been doing in regenerating the deepest levels of your attitude toward love and creation truly begin to bear fruit in the form of money, recognition, or high-quality artistic work. Let yourself play and explore new ideas at this time. Romance is highly charged as well, so fireworks (the good kind) and summer fun abound! There is a dreamy quality to your connection with the most important people in your life, including romantic partners, at the end of the month, so enjoy the sweetness that’s blossoming now.


    The month opens with you starring as Lucky Libra, particularly when it comes to the awesome evolution of your persona, the publication of your work, or simply taking an amazing trip out of the country. Your ruler Venus is back in her power and this makes you more dynamic, attractive to what you want, and able to move things along at a much quicker pace than the past few months have afforded. The breakthroughs, realizations, and possible upsets in partnership do continue this first week of June, but keep in mind that you, more than any other placement in the zodiac, have the potential to entirely shift your relationship patterning to date, if you so desire. You’re entering a whole new era of partnership and connection, so focus on what you do want and know that the recent major changes are intended to grow your independence and bring you into the foreground of your life. Be aware that mid-month may bring some strain to your communication, or perhaps even just extra gravity, and that it’s important to recognize the power of your words at this time, especially when the vibe is tense. Overall, June is a fabulous time to be sharing your message with a wider audience so don’t let the challenge of the days around the 15th throw you too much off-course in the event that something negative does arise. The highlight of the month comes in the last 10 days when Venus has a fantastic amount of power to gift you. Your sexual magnetism will be off the charts at this time, as will be your ability to bring in money, especially in the form of grants, investors, or partners who believe in what you are trying to build. You could easily come out of June with far more resources and pleasure than you have access to at the month’s start.


    Oh Scorpio, something big is brewing in your money and career realms in a way that you may have never yet seen in your lifetime. Trust that the forces for wealth- and legacy-building are truly on your side at this time. The month opens with some spooky magic that’s all about blessing the truest, most authentic version of yourself and your desires. The Sun and Jupiter are creating a balm for some of the deep psychic tensions that have been ailing you, so take the blast of light into some of your more shadowy parts and know healing is unfolding. The last 10 days of the month will be truly outstanding, firstly for your creativity. If you have been wanting to conceive, pitch, or publish a creative project, these days are charmed for that. Romance also gets a huge boost, so enjoy that, and taking a faraway trip with a lover would be especially auspicious and magical at this time, too. Partnership gets the most magical enhancement of all, with your ruler Pluto connected to a powerful Venus in your partnership sector. Deep, meaningful communication unfolds with the key people in your life, and you can truly revise your terrain of love and connection after some of the conflict that may have occurred from mid-March to mid-April. The gate to a whole new future is now open — go after what you truly want.


    Your month begins with such a fortunate aspect enhancing all of your connections! This is a time to socialize, be with the most important people in your life, and know that your relationships have an energy of luck and grace about them. Be social and connected this first week of June especially: don’t hide yourself away! Your overall energy, drive, and well-being are enhanced after the 10th when your generous ruler, Jupiter, moves out of retrograde and stations direct again. Expect to prosper! Mid-month brings an interesting mix of dynamics, where some tension could arise in a one-on-one connection, yet you simultaneously are able to see how much you’ve grown and matured over the past two years, as well as the enhanced clarity around what you do (or don’t) want and expect from a partner. A fateful communication is also likely to arrive on or near the 15th, so overall this time is quite dynamic for you. The 18th-20th bring another surge of ideas and communication, some of which could be quite auspicious for you. Pay attention to what is said or written in this time. The last 10 days of the month are highly creative, especially at home, in your sex life, and in terms of bringing in resources. There’s a strong push in your intuition and psychic development at this time too, so make space for the creativity and awareness coming your way, especially because it could help bring in some desired money or deep-level support.


    You’re no stranger to some fabulous career astrology of late, and this month is no different! June opens with an extremely positive aspect enhancing career, money, and even things like your health and day-to-day routine. You’ll see that your daily hard work and devotion to your life practices are paying off and bringing you greater levels of recognition and widespread respect. Mid-month is when some those same day-to-day routines get a little hairy; you may feel restricted or frustrated or even tempted to self-sabotage, but if you can ride out the more challenging days around the 15th, the rest of June is pretty excellent for you. The most exciting part of this comes in the last 10 days of the month, that feature next-level magic in romance, prosperity, and creativity. Having Pluto in your sign all these years is not the easiest road, but if anyone can turn that into gold it’s you, Capricorn! Venus is coming in to send lucky blessings your way in exchange for all the deep regenerative work you’ve been doing on how you assert yourself and care for your physical body, and simply who you are in the world. Work your creative mind, magnetism, and manifestation powers at this time — you are worthy of all that’s coming to you!


    June starts off with a creative and romantic surge, and you are ready for it! All this major inspiration, revelation, and reconfiguring occurring recently in your communication sector has gifted you fresh ideas and insights, which you can now use to great advantage during the first week of June. Your creativity connects beautifully to reaching a wider audience now, so think about what you want to say and who you want to say it to. Romance is also highlighted now, and if you happen to have a faraway lover to visit, this would be a great time for it. Otherwise, expect expansive love and artistic possibility to enter your life now. Mid-month could be a bit tricky with either friends or possibly larger organizations you are connected to, so having patience and keeping perspective will benefit you at this time. The days around the 15th won’t be the most fun of the month, but they will give you a chance to bring practical awareness to any interpersonal difficulty. A key relationship is likely to find resolution around this time, one way or another. The days  surrounding the 26th and 27th are highly fertile for generating wealth, resources, and finding creative solutions to work or money challenges. The end of the month is generally blessed for you in upping your wealth and self-worth, as well as banishing any self-sabotaging behaviors once and for all!


    The month of June begins with a very sweet focus on deep intimacy and home life for you. If things have been challenging in those areas, then a healing is on the way. If you’ve already been feeling positive and headed in the right direction, expect auspicious developments and general goodwill during the first week of the month. The rapid evolution of your self-worth and personal resources continues, so keep your mind wide open as fortunate love and money circumstances could enter your life in unexpected ways at this time. Your luck increases after the 10th also, when Jupiter stations direct, bringing outside resources flowing to you and your projects more easily after recent delays. Your sex life also gets a boost then! You are one of the most blessed children of the zodiac this month as both of your rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) are quite active. Romance, creativity, and your overall magnetism are outstanding in the days surrounding the 27th. This will be perhaps the sweetest time of the month! Enjoy love, connection, creation (and if fertility is something that interests you, this will be greatly enhanced at this time too!) The days surrounding the 24th are ideal for garnering support from your community for your important projects. Your communication is irresistible at this time so use it to enhance connection and get what you want!