• July Horoscopes

    By The Voluptuous Witch

    July opens with great intensity and heightened awareness of power dynamics (meaning, try not tell your boss off this week), and we’ll have to get used to this level of charge, as the summer’s astrology contains quite a bit of surprise. Change will be the constant! As always, willingness to shift and grow will ease our experience. This month, emotional, protective Cancer moves into glamorous, look-at-me Leo, so the month gains vibrancy as it goes on. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 9 is conjunct Pluto, so extremely honest revelations will be the norm, while late month’s New Moon in Leo on July 23 grants our playful side an innocent new beginning.

    Illustrations by Stephanie Sun


    Your ruler, Mars, has been incredibly busy of late. So it’s likely have you been too, Aries! The first days of July continue this trend, this time with Mars making a very challenging aspect to Pluto. Beware of power struggles at home (with family or roommates) and remember to de-escalate or take a walk if things get heated! This could also manifest as the needs of your home life conflicting with career demands or larger goals. The Full Moon on July 9 is in the powerful sign of Capricorn conjunct potent Pluto — your career and public image are undergoing change, make no mistake about it. This could manifest as culmination of a major project, but anything already defunct or hanging on by a few threads will be vulnerable to officially ending at this time. With so much action early in the month, you will likely have some feelings to talk about or important connections you wish to deepen, so keep the days around July 18 in mind for that when Venus and Jupiter facilitate extremely positive dialogue with your loves and significant collaborators. The last week of July will be especially sweet as the Sun and Mars move to join Mercury in your sector of love, fun, seduction, and parties. You’ll have a huge amount of vitality to put toward your art, romance, as well any parenting matters, as well as beautiful New Moon giving you a fresh beginning in such fertile areas! August’s eclipse season catalyzes major and tangible shifts in these areas as well, so your love and/or creative life is about to get very exciting.


    July is an extremely dynamic month for you, dear Taurus, as your ruler Venus engages many planetary interactions that move your life’s plot lines along, particularly those that pertain to money. Communication and family/home life will be especially active as well, just be sure to tread lightly the first week of the month when the temptation to send off an explosive communiqué could be strong! Power plays will abound that week, so you do best stay above the fray. This is also not a week for any short trips to go skydiving or other risky behavior: a bit of extra caution serves you well. The Full Moon shining on your public life on July 9 is guaranteed to shake up any stagnant energy in career realms. Bringing a phase or project to closure (or launching into a fresh start) is likely at this time. Then, the days surrounding July 18th will be incredible for major wealth-generation, as well as significantly improving your daily work and health reality. The last week of July starts to hint at the major home and family developments brewing for you; major decisions and changes are afoot and will continue to unfold through late August. You’ll have a huge amount of vitality in late July to put toward securing or enhancing an ideal foundation for your life, one can secure so long as you stay flexible regarding the details.


    Venus moves into your sign and stays there for most of July, so be ready to attract money, love, and goodwill. But first, brace yourself for some tension around finances the first week of the month when your mind will heavily be on resources and how they are (or are not) shared between you and the people in your life. Your ruler, Mercury, will also move into Leo and your personal communication sector around that time which makes your thinking quick and your words especially powerful, just be sure to focus your communication productively (read: not instigating a big fight about money!) The Full Moon has quite a sexed-up and psychic vibe for you, so put it to good use with some sex magic, time with your tarot cards, or depth dialogue. If you are in a fundamentally unbalanced partnership, it could potentially come to closure at the time of the Full Moon. The days surrounding July 18th are stellar for romance, seduction, and art-making. You yourself are a work of art in these days, so go out and charm the hell out of people! The last week of July has you communicating with warm, sunny energy, taking short trips, or spending time with siblings. August brings developments in these areas too, then also including major publishing projects and international travel, so stay flexible and open to the possibilities.


    We are still in your watery, emo season, sweet Cancer! You are projecting powerful energy early in the month while the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all in your sign, but also be aware that the astral terrain has shifted toward the volatile with Mars opposing Pluto, so it’s not the time to use your power to go up against difficult people. The lead-up to the Full Moon on July 9 is all about seeing which connections are real and true (and perhaps letting go of a relationship should it have a glaringly obvious lack of resonance). The days surrounding July 18th are fabulous for deep healing around home and family matters, as well as attracting the love and money that will better your overall foundation. Take the opportunity to find a perfect living situation or be with close family. The last week of July brings firepower to your money and sense of self-worth, which will be major themes for the duration of the summer. You can effectively pursue money, affection, and dialogue on these topics at this time. Shifts in your inherent sense of self-worth and the comfort of your circumstance will soon be unfolding, so don’t let the twists and turns along the way rattle you, just keep showing up to receive more of the good that you deserve.


    Leo, you are a true star of the summer astrology and if any sign can handle that like a pro it’s you! Remember the North Node (which controls fate and destiny) is in your sign for a year and half, so possibilities are truly elevated for you at this time. The first week of July, however, is a caution zone for you as the challenging dynamic between Mars and Pluto involves your workplace and your health. Theoretically this type of power can also be used for incredibly productive creative action, but the charge is extreme, so any conflicts at this time could get blown way out of proportion. Mercury will also move into your sign which gives you some extra agility in your speech and writing. However, it’s definitely not a time to pick a fight with your boss or take unnecessary risks; de-escalation is your mantra as the month opens! Your ruler, the Sun, will trine Neptune and square Jupiter around this time as well, so this could make communication extra slippery,  but meanwhile some incredible creative insights or work is possible. In short, find healthy outlets for your fire and use your power wisely through the Full Moon on July 9. The days surrounding July 18th bring promising communications around love on money, or fateful encounters in your community of friends groups that attract greater love, beauty, and abundance into your life. The month starts getting really good for you when your season begins the last week of July and Mars moves into your sign as well. You have a tremendous vitality, particularly in the days around July 27, and it’s your time to be seen, warm, and bright! It’s just the beginning as you are one of the stars of August’s eclipse season as well so stay tuned.


    Your friends, connections, and community are highlighted this month, Virgo! Some social magic is certainly headed your way, but some connections get strained along the way. The first week of July creates a power struggle between social connections and artistic/romantic/parenting life. The irritant likely comes from somewhere in your wider community, and while it will be frustrating, de-escalation is your friend here. No one really wins when Mars and Pluto are fighting, so take the high road when possible. The higher manifestation of this energy is to get productively inspired by the ways in which your creative powers can influence the community at large! Take all this drive and make something incredibly useful and beautiful, perhaps? The Full Moon on July 9 has a mysterious and sexy energy — your powers of seduction and creation run high. The nature of a romance may also be revealed to you at this time. The days surrounding July 18 see you earning major money while majorly enhancing your public image. Love, money, and fame are all accessible at this time and a self-esteem boost is yours for the taking. Your ruler, Mercury, then moves in your sign the last week of July, enhancing your wit and eloquence. Striking just the balance between home and career life will also be a major topic this week, so this Virgoan gift for wordsmithing gets put to good use, helping get your needs met.


    Your ruler Venus is busy this month and you will be as well. Venus is in Gemini for nearly all of July, which is extremely positive for you as she will be in a compatible air sign, bringing prosperity to your major projects, beauty to your travels, and the possibility of love in new places. The first 10 days of the month could bring a huge amount of tension to your work and home life. There is an irritant impacting your career or public image and you won’t take it lightly. Just remembered that, with Pluto in your home sector, the most important focus is the security of your foundation. Let tensions play out without compromising the steadiness of your home base. The Full Moon on the 9th brings news or developments along these same lines, so watch and wait for all to be revealed before making big moves. The days surrounding July 18 are fabulous for sending out pitches, creating travel or teaching opportunities, and making your more expansive dreams reality. Friends, social connections, and the larger community are highlighted the entire end of the month, lending a huge amount of energy to put toward networking and offering your gifts at a wider level. Mature, future-minded communication benefits you at this time, especially as a tension or two in love or money may simultaneously arise. Stay focused on the bigger picture though because your social impact is about to become significant and visible for the duration of the summer. Eyes are on you now, use it well.


    As a sign who relishes intensity and transformative power, you have the ability to work well with the face-off between your ancient and modern rulers (Mars and Pluto) early in the month. At the same time, you absolutely won’t be able to avoid the intensity, so your best strategy is to face it head-on by finding productive outlets for your Mars energy (action, ambition, and sex). An irritant could sail in from afar, so just remember that with Pluto in your communication sector, your words have tremendous power. You’ve been learning to work with this in recent years, and this is an excellent time to apply some of those lessons on using your power in ways that actually benefit you and help you get what you want. Your mind is on your career and fame almost the entire month, getting you thinking more like a Leo, wanting to be seen, and less like a Scorpion under a rock. The Full Moon on July 9 highlights personal matters close to your heart — your ruler Pluto is involved, so it’s really authenticity or bust here. Speak from a place of truth and honor and be willing to let go of projects or plans that simply aren’t flowing as you’d hoped. The days surrounding July 18 bring deep healing, intimacy, and great sex, so enjoy this! Jupiter has been agitating some your more shadowy parts and in these days Venus enters to bring love, healing, or abundance as result for all your hard inner work. The last week of July catapults you into full career domination mode. It’s time to be seen at a much wider level than you’ve ever been before—- and this is merely the prelude to lucky and abundant Jupiter moving into your sign this fall. Don’t let tensions distract you from the fact that you are absolutely on the rise, Scorpio!


    Well, Sagg, you are in the final months of Saturn in your sign. This transit has had you working hard, up-leveling your life, and reaching new heights of organization. It has been productive, but exhausting at times! When Saturn comes to visit, we grow up, essentially. In this vein, July opens with some challenges around sex or money, but remember your true sources of power are your own resources and self-worth, while the current tension coming in from the outside is merely a passing challenge. The first 10 days of the month bring changes to your resources, outstanding contracts, or funding sources, so simply take it in stride, and trust all is for your benefit in the long-term. An exquisite harmony enhances all your personal connections in the days surrounding July 18, surfacing magical partnerships and community support. The expansion of your friend circle and community remains wildly auspicious now through October and these days will highlight that theme, so be social. The last week of July brings compatible firepower to your sector of publishing, travels, and expansion. You set your sights far and wide and watch the details unfold between now and September. The days surrounding July 27 provide ample energy for sending off pitches, exploring new spaces or scenes, and growing the reach of your message.


    The month of July brings quite a bit of intensity and much of it is in your sign, Capricorn. If any sign can handle this, it’s you, so fear not. The toughest part will likely be early July when Mars opposes Pluto in your sign. Fights with business or romantic partners are possible, or tension with a nemesis (if you have one) could flare up. Be the steady mountain goat that you are, my friend! The tense energy may have people popping off left and right, but that doesn’t mean you need to be deeply involved. Minimizing conflict is a good idea from the start of the month through the Full Moon days surrounding July 9. That Full Moon is in your sign as well, so know that your actions at this time will be highly visible and their effect extra potent, so be sure the actions you take are in alignment with your highest good, even as emotions run high. The days surrounding July 18 bring excellent money news in the form of a raise, promotion, or great career visibility. Your earning power is strong and the work life advancements you create in this time have potential to be lasting. The last 10 days of July bring your mind to money, sex, and anything taboo. You have tremendous personal vitality and vigor in this time, so your sex life is about to get really interesting, coupled with your enhanced ability to pull in big money. Your ruler Saturn does however challenge the love and money planet, Venus, on July 24, so amidst this major personal vigor, outer circumstances may call for a slowed approach. Be patient and know good things are coming, even if they take a bit longer to arrive.


    Aquarius, your romantic and creative collaborations are about to get a brand new shine on them, so keep that in mind through early July’s challenges that much fun is ahead! Tensions the first 10 days of the month stem from an opposition between Mars and Pluto, one that you could leave you feeling a bit drained. Irritants fly into the workplace or day-to-day settings, so your best strategy is to beware of potential aggression from others and set your auric protection settings to high. You don’t need to dive into every conflict that comes your way, especially since even small interactions can get blown out of proportion at this time. The Full Moon on July 9 brings a major cleanse to your psyche and the opportunity to cut cords with low-key (or major) bad habits that may still be hanging around in the background. The Full Moon shines a bright light into dark corners so up your self-care practices around this time so as to better process the incoming info. The days surrounding July 18 reing much better news, especially around getting eyes on your creative work or drawing faraway love closer to you. Your fun and seduction are enhanced, as is the richness of your creative power. If you have been wanting to pitch a project or plan a trip, these are the days I’d recommend! The last 10 days of July bring your mind and heart to important partnerships, particularly the days surrounding July 2h when you’ll have tremendous loving vitality to extend toward the most important people in your world.


    Pisces, your work life and health are about to get a major boost, but first you may need to deal with some irritants in your romantic, artistic, or parenting realms. These areas are often fun and juicy for you, but the first 10 days of July are tense with power dynamics. Your entire social world and relationship to the larger community has been undergoing major transformation in recent years and early July highlights a strain between your creative and seductive desires and more far-reaching goals (or the money involved in making them happen). Conflict can get blown out of proportion at a time like this so keep that in mind and be the one willing to de-escalate, even if it feels quite personal as your ruler Neptune is involved in this mix of energies. You’re one of the best signs at letting conflict slide right off you, so use this talent of yours! The days surrounding July 18 are especially beautiful for your home and family life, bringing deep healing intimacy into your personal world. Your sex and money magnetism are incredibly high in those days. Late July brings tremendous vitality to your work, health, and daily routine. You will be able to joyfully accomplish work projects, healthful activities, and continue on your cash-earning streak. Work and well-being are evolving in general, so stay fluid and on the lookout for great opportunities.