• August Horoscopes

    We have arrived at one of the most exciting times of the year: eclipse season! Every six months, a pair of eclipses (lunar and solar) will coincide with the New and Full Moon, respectively, enhancing the power of these lunations.

     August’s lunar and solar eclipses have the potential to be life-changing, as they often usher in rapid change. As always, a willingness to shift and grow will ease our experience, while strong attachment to particular outcomes may make us suffer more in the end. Be open to possibility and enjoy the ride.

    Illustrations by Stephanie Sun


    Your ruler, Mars, has been busy this summer, dear Aries. This means that you’re busy too! You are always an unstoppable go-getter, just be sure to make time for activities that release nervous tension as well. You can effectively use your summer powers for seduction and art-making, so get to it! Major developments in romance, creativity, and fertility are in store for you. July is going to shake up your career and public persona, with endings serving as new beginnings. Your friends, acquaintances, affiliated organizations, as well as your most valued personal aspirations, are in the mix of what’s up for revision in August. There are friendships, associations, or no-longer-relevant dreams to let go of along the way, but trust that you’re in powerfully fertile soil that will allow you to birth something beyond what you’ve previously dreamed. Pay attention to your core creative desires, the ones to which you say a full “Hell yes!” Your time to create, play, or have a reset romance is near. Your mission the next six months will be to express the fullness of your personal magic. The new you has been brewing since 2011, and August’s astrology will push you fully onto the other side of that evolution, to become more courageously you than you’ve ever been.


    You are a wiser, more knowing Taurus than you’ve ever been. This most recent Venus retrograde period revealed your deepest values, especially pertaining to love and money, and now you’re ready to build the foundation that will truly support your most audacious goals. Change is on the way in your career, so if you have been working toward a big promotion or upgrade, it’s quite likely August will usher that in or further develop something in motion. The first step in all of this was letting go of that which no longer served you or is wasn’t part of your true path, so in July you may have closed the door on circumstances that were holding you back. This ultimately helps you as August’s lunar eclipse will further course-correct your professional direction or revamp your public image. The late August solar eclipse brings a blessed opportunity to start the family, home life, and foundation you’ve always wanted. Release what you no longer need so that your new foundation can be as authentic as possible. August’s astrology wants to give you the home base of your dreams which will in turn allow you to experience your biggest career expansion to date!


    You are already one of our most skilled communicators, Gemini, but your words and how you use them are about to undergo a major evolution. Pertinent questions are: what message do you want to share with the world? How and where do you want to expand your voice? What in your daily dealings, if anything, is holding you back? July brought some major developments in wealth-building and your intimate connections, some of which may have been quite challenging, but the core theme was upping your self-worth and personal resources to find stability in all circumstances. As a mutable sign, you often morph to the company or circumstances you’re in, but the astrology has been encouraging you to also make sure you can provide your own personal sense of stability. Now, with this enhanced clarity around matters of worth, your communication is set to transform. August’s eclipses will bring doors opening and closing at what feels like warp speed, especially regarding travel, publishing, and surprise messages appearing in your inbox, so remain your fluid and mercurial self, trusting that all the right things are happening. By summer’s end, you will no doubt be sharing your eloquence on a much broader scale.


    As a Cancer, you place a high value on feeling safe and well-situated. Comfort is a priority and being such an initiating sign you have the ability to go out and create exactly what you want so long as it is in alignment with your feelings. This month highlights material comfort and necessary evolutions in your approach to wealth, self-esteem, and deep intimacy. I doubt it is news to you that your partnerships have been undergoing long-term transformations for nearly a decade now, but you may not fully realize that deep learning and integration is now available to you through examining the way you relate to the most important people in your world. July brought one era of partnership to a close for you, leaving behind the types of connections that don’t belong in your future. Now, August’s wealth-building and sexual power are unparalleled, although a few plot twists await you on this road too. Your most intimate connections will grow or change altogether and anything in play involving large sums of money will see development. The transformation you are undergoing is significant and will catapult you into an entirely new material reality, including the level of value you place on your most important asset — yourself! 


    You are one of the stars of our August astrology, Leo! You can trust that by the time September arrives, your daily life and partnerships will look quite different than they do now. You’re expanding at warp speed and real destiny is in play. Recent months have had you working incredibly hard in areas of communication, creation, and career, and no doubt you’ve already seen major progress in your work. August’s eclipses transform your entire presence and personal power, as well as how you relate to all your important partners — business, romantic, and otherwise. The key players in your world may change, or the dynamic between you will undergo major evolution. It’s heavy magic you’re working with here! Put your focus on what you want to feel or be overall, rather than clinging to particular specifics of exactly how it has to look from the outside for the best outcome. You are your own best investment right now, so anything that enhances your glow, expression, or the care of your physical body is extremely auspicious. August will likely rearrange the pieces of your plan for world domination, but ultimately those changes will have you stepping into a whole new level of personal power and autonomy. August 21st’s solar eclipse is the start of a new era for you, enjoy it.


    August’s astrology is momentous for you. The shifts of August will occur below the surface, at a near-cellular level, rippling outward to affect all parts of your life. July may have highlighted some challenges in friend circles, romantic life, or creative processes, but the awareness gained will help you to better choose your allies in the future, so brush off any losses and keep going. The eclipses of August redefine your work life, daily routine, and even your innermost thoughts in a profound manner. If there are old limitations you have been wanting to move through (such as workday routines that limit you or ways of making money that no longer suit you) in order to better access your personal magic, there is no better time than August to up your self-care to new highs while clearing away self-limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage. Old, bad habits can die now, so use this powerful astrology to rapidly upgrade your practices and your consciousness. The solar eclipse is the grand finale — a reset of your psyche or work routine that frees you to go forth and conquer like never before, so long as you’re willing to do it all in a brand new way.


    Oh Libra, I am excited for you to make the absolute most of eclipse season! With Jupiter (planet of luck and abundance) direct in your sign in until early October, you now have the power to expand, grow, and pull in the type love and abundance you deserve. This does not mean it will all be easy — the astrology is actually a bit tricky overall — but you prevail by constantly reminding yourself that this is your time and you will be in a better place than ever by October. July could have felt tense in career and home life, especially, so use this powerfully auspicious energy to make necessary changes for your future happiness. August brings a whirlwind of possibility in romance, creativity, and friendship. The most positive outcome of eclipse season, for you, will be the freedom of a fresh start in a community. You are rewriting your relationship to your friend circles, organizations, as well as your personal dreams and highest aspirations. As a Libra, you desire to bring greater harmony, fairness, and beauty to this world, so it’s essential you take this opportunity to up-level your creative contribution to the greater good. You’ll be releasing some excess baggage along the way and that’s ok: you want to be traveling light post-August 21st when it’s genuinely possible for your big dreams to come true.


    I know how ambitious you are, Scorpio. Yes, there are times when your desire to protect yourself pulls you away from the spotlight, but your destiny is to be powerful. August will bring you closer than ever to that destiny. You should, of course, also prepare for a couple bumps in the ride, but I don’t think that will be a problem for a sign as tough as you. This busy summer has been just a mere prelude to Jupiter (planet of luck, gifts, and abundance) in your sign for a whole year beginning in October, so don’t worry if some of the things you have set your sights on don’t materialize in exactly the form you currently have in mind — undoubtedly the overall trend is toward success and what you do end up with will be even better than expected. Your career, fame, and public presence are firmly on your mind now, and August is the climax to this piece of the journey, likely including some major developments in your home and family life early in the month, allowing you to more properly lay the foundation for the epic career expansion happening from the late August solar eclipse until October 2018. You can now access a new level of success and freedom, Scorpio. Believe.


    Sagg, you are the eternal student, explorer, and philosopher of the zodiac, and now August’s energy is building toward the opportunity for you to either expand your intellectual explorations or to begin teaching and sharing your findings at a higher level. July highlighted some challenges in relation to your resources, but based on those events you likely made some changes that will bring you greater stability in the long-term. The major focus of August is communication! The lunar eclipse early in the month will have the strongest effect on your emails, texts, and daily conversations or possibly your neighbors and siblings. Emotions will run high, so be sure to communicate to those around you with love and a mindset that favors a positive long-term view. You are likely to receive an important message at this time. Late August begins the major shift toward your message reaching a much wider, possibly international audience. If you have been wanting to travel, move abroad, teach a course, or embark on a new educational path, this is your time to expand your horizons! Anything that widens your vistas is what’s on deck now. Set your sights way out on the horizon because nothing can stop your growth now.


    Few signs work harder, more steadily, and more powerfully toward their goals than you, dear Capricorn. August’s astrology is profound and will highlight important areas of your life such as your personal image and your bank account. July may have brought circumstances to the fore that required your utmost maturity and de-escalation tactics in personal relationships, so stay on that steady, solid path of taking the high road during August. The focus is now on your wealth, something you already have a natural talent for cultivating as a Capricorn. Early August’s lunar eclipse serves as a reminder to place a high value on yourself, as that will determine the quality of what you can magnetize. Personal finances get some form of a reality check, so be sure to leave yourself a bit of a safety net in case of unexpected expenses. Even if money feels tight, the solar eclipse a few weeks later gives you a totally transformative opportunity to build big wealth, as well as have an amazing sex life! Intimacy and shared resources get a reboot, so this is the ideal time to call in the resources and support you need for the projects that are most important to you, as well as the type if intimacy you truly want. Energetically, sex and money are connected, so allowing yourself to play bigger (and release old baggage) in both of these arenas will be of greater benefit all around. Welcome the type of alliance that allows your projects to thrive, and set intention to form or nourish true connections that support you at the deepest level.


    Well, Aquarius, you are about to have an epically big month! You are one of the signs most adept at aligning with a future vibration, and that is exactly what will determine your ability to thrive in the sometimes shocking astrology of August. The lunar eclipse early in the month is an opportunity to shed skins that have grown too tight — it’s a powerful time to let go of any projects or appearances that simply do not fit the future you, and to focus all your energy on optimizing your future reality. A Full Moon and lunar eclipse in your sign is a moment when you’re in the spotlight, when you can use your personal power and influence to further your own cause. Then, late August’s solar eclipse rocks your partnership world to the max. If anyone has high standards in your love and business partners, it’s you, and the month of August absolutely has the potential to fully rearrange your relationship reality. So long as you don’t settle or hang on to something that’s no longer working, you can manifest a refreshed partnership reality unlike any you’ve experienced before! The tension between independence and mutual support is highlighted for you throughout August in such a way that you see what your ideal balance of closeness and freedom is, and how to score that set-up for yourself in the long-term.


    My dear Pisces, you have experienced so much growth since 2015 you’re practically a new person. August’s astrology is all about shifting your inner life to fully match up with this new external reality, including ditching any low-grade bad habits or old beliefs that keep you from your maximum joy. July may have had you feeling the tension between your heart’s desire and community expectation, but you likely used your Piscean powers of mutability to avoid power struggles until you could wriggle free and do your own thing. Early August shines a light on your secret self and is a wonderful time for therapeutic endeavors and self-exploration. With proper support, you can effectively eradicate outdated unconscious patterns. The entire month, and late August especially, demands that you bring your highest-level performance to the workplace and overall wellness. Keep in mind that the magic of your day-to-day sets the tone for your whole life! If you’ve been longing for a nutrition and exercise reset, the solar eclipse is an ideal moment for this. You may even find yourself unexpectedly changing jobs or getting a rare opportunity. Overall, the astrology provides an opportunity to clear clutter from your mind and daily life to bring a fresh, empowered perspective. You’ll have to work for it, but August has the potential to be transformative.