• Melania 2016

    The following recording is from The New York Society Library, Live from the Library, October 19, 2016. The audio recording is also available here.

    Jennifer says you’re busy tonight,
    You’re on an endless dinner date.

    Sometimes I think

    If you’re pretty, enjoy nice things,
    and you care what people think

    Can’t face life in a monastery cell,
    with creative wrinkles
    and highbrow principles

    If you know how to please,
    have a nice figure

    And you get stuck with a date like that?

    Let me quote Dr Seuss at you
    “Bang-ups can happen to you.”

    Have you ever noticed that Melania’s man
    Looks a bit like Ned in bed?
    Everything going badly wrong
    After a dystopic nap.

    Jennifer says you’re still on your dinner date,
    but where do you dine, Melania? It’s Thursday.

    My wish for you is a charming offspring
    of the French pavilion at the 1939 fair.
    Or a stepchild from the second tier,
    run by some octogenarian philosopher king.
    Still kicking it old school, serving
    creamed veggies and floating island.

    You could order the Crêpes Suzette.
    Pretend it’s not yet 1970.

    Wrap this up, get back in the limo
    Where we all belong
    Where good things begin, bad things

    Pretend you’ve never seen an SUV.

    Pretend with me
    that all the TV
    is funneled into 3

    Power Hungry Networks
    and your sleepless husband
    has never heard the word


    For Jennifer Blowdryer