• Asking for a Friend: A Call for Questions

    Dear Readers,

    The future is a big wet question mark these days. This has often been true, but now feels truer than ever. How can a person hold empathy in one palm and skepticism in the other? What’s next for the kaleidoscopic glory of the Great Barrier Reef and Cuba’s snapshot sepia? What on earth DOES love have to do with it?

    Most pressingly, is this cup of coffee one cup too many?!

    The mundane and the profound (and the coffee) keep us up at night. Maybe you, too?

    We want to help. For a little unprofessional advice in these uncertain times, send your questions to our anonymous portal. We want it all, from the epistemological to the inane. We’ll do our best to find some answers in the next installment of BLARB’s new advice column, Asking For a Friend  —  coming your way later this month.