• LACMA: Suicide by Architecture, Schematics

    The images below illustrate the proposed changes to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) discussed in Joseph Giovannini’s LARB article of April 5, 2019.

    Giovannini’s article is based on a thorough analysis of the material that LACMA released in its Environmental Impact Report (EIR), a square foot audit of the provided site plan of the Zumthor project in both the Final EIR (released March 2019) and the Draft EIR (released November 2018), a square foot audit of plans of the existing buildings to be demolished, and on information provided by LACMA’s Press office in reaction to submitted questions. Giovannini had a complete square foot audit and analysis performed by one architect and then checked by a second architecture office.


    1) Zumthor FEIR


    2) Zumthor DEIR


    3) Existing Galleries


    4) Existing Gross SF