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White Travel Writers, Please Stop Saying You Fell in Love with a Country Full of Brown People

Rosalie Metro considers the historical connotation of travel writers saying they "fell in love" with a country.

How the Exodus Really Happened, According to a New Theory by Israel Knohl

Randy Rosenthal describes Israel Knohl's theory about the true story of the Exodus, described in his forthcoming book.

Dancing with Chains

Hollis Robbins discusses Chinese scholarship of American literature.

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The Warped Lens of Sorrow: The Fourth Corner of the World by Scott Nadelson

Joe Donovan reviews the new collection from Scott Nadelson, "The Fourth Corner of the World."

A Conversation with Poet Laureate, Publisher, and Mentor Luis Rodriguez

RJ Newell talks to Luis Rodriguez, who spoke at the 2017 LARB/USC Publishing Workshop.

Pass the Zantac: Why Nathanael West (Still) Gives Angelenos Heartburn

Palak Patel reviews the Los Angeles classic "The Day of the Locust" by Nathanael West.

Travelogue Korea and the Dream of Isolation

Colin Marshall on the television show "Travelogue Korea" and the obsession with "simple" rural life.

This Nowruz, I Stand with the Protests in Iran with Hope

Noshene Ranjbar on the protests in Iran and the celebration of Nowruz.

This is the Spanish Civil War

Jonathan Kirshner makes the case that America today faces a similar moral crisis to that faced in the Spanish Civil War.

Sabrina Rodriguez is Expanding the Canon One Instagram at a Time, with LatinxReads

19-year-old Sabrina Rodriguez has created an extensive online database of Latinx literature through her Instagram account, LatinxReads.