Read Some Ethnography, Bro

Kate Reed Petty on pickup artists and the potential of ethnography in Rachel O'Neill's "Seduction."

What a Girl Wants?: On Assassination Nation

Zoe Dubno reviews "Assassination Nation," a "miasma of gore, teen ass, and fake-woke political thought."

In Defense of Sierra Burgess

Despite criticisms, Marlena Trafas argues that “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” portrays deep truths about plus-size teenage insecurity.

Athletic Activism: On Howard Bryant’s The Heritage

Beverly Glass reviews Howard Bryant's latest book, "The Heritage: Black Athletes, A Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism."

A Third Makes and Breaks: On May-Lan Tan’s New Collection

Megan Pietz reviews May-Lan Tan's "Things to Make and Break."

Livable Art: Classical Music in The Ensemble and The Incendiaries

Shannon Draucker examines the role classical music plays in two recent novels, Aja Gabel's "The Ensemble" and R. O. Kwon's "The Incendiaries."

Prepare a Face to Meet the Faces: Virginie Despentes’s Pretty Things

Nathan Scott McNamara reviews Virginie Despentes's "Pretty Things," translated by Emma Ramadan.