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A Wellness Memoir: Suzanne Koven on Gail Caldwell’s New Life, No Instructions

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By Suzanne Koven In 2005, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History mounted an exhibit titled “Whatever Happened to Polio?” The Salk vaccine, first available in 1955, all but eradicated the virus which killed thousands of Americans and paralyzed many more — most famously, Franklin D. Roosevelt — during the first half of the 20th […]

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All You Need is Love: Paulo Coelho’s New Novel, Adultery

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By Joseph Peschel Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is one of the most popular writers in the world. His best known novel is The Alchemist published in 1988. Since then, Coelho seems to have churned out a book every year or so. His books have been translated into 80 languages and have sold more than 165 […]

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To Die and Live in Studio City

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By Alex Harvey Back in 1939, Aldous Huxley’s first Californian novel, After Many a Summer Dies The Swan, satirized the local obsession with and search for eternal life. Huxley created a protagonist, Jo Stoyte, a classic Hollywood magnate, who spends his fortune on a quest for personal immortality. Stoyte wants to arrest time; he hires […]