• Romare Bearden: A Likeness

    Andrew M. Davenport reviews two recent books about 20th century artist Romare Bearden.

    Minding the Molly Discourse: Don’t Overlook The Feminist Roots of Her Work

    Jenny Staff Johnson examines the unique feminism of Molly Ivins in light of the documentary "Raise Hell."

    Tarantino, Race, and the Construction of American History

    Martin Shuster finds commonality between the latest Scorsese and Tarantino films, and what they say about American nostalgia.

    Renegotiating Negativity: Silence as Empowerment and Resistance

    Kristina Marie Darling looks at the power of fragmentation in new poetry collections by Traci Brimhall and Rebecca Hazelton.

    Under the Influence: Little Joe as Psychopharmacological Thriller

    Robert Carson examines director Jessica Hausner's take on the psychological thriller genre.

    “What Is The Weight Of Light”: Notes on Silence, Intimacy, and the Lyric Imagination

    Kristina Marie Darling constellates Irigaray's "This Sex Which Is Not One," Cohen’s "I Was Not Born," and Hoke’s "The Book of Endless Sleepovers."

    You Don’t Have to Be Like That

    Sam Moore finds more than tawdry tales in Garth Greenwell’s "Cleanness."