• Political Rhetoric and Economic Analysis: Talking to Bernard Hoekman and Ernesto Zedillo

    Andy Fitch interviews scholar Bernard Hoekman and former President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo about the global economy’s changing structure.

    Reality on the Edge: Talking to Susan Liautaud

    When should we think of our laws as “the lowest common denominator not the highest standard of behavior”? When might …

    Concentrated Control: Talking to Lina Khan

    Andy Fitch talks with antitrust law, the antimonopoly tradition, and law and political economy scholar Lina Khan.

    We Clearly Have a Market Problem: Talking to Representative David N. Cicilline

    Andy Fitch talks with Representative David N. Cicilline (RI-1) about monopolization and antitrust, particularly among today's tech giants.

    Julia Lovell on the Monkey King’s Travels Across Borders: A Conversation

    Jeffrey Wasserstrom talks with Julia Lovell about translating the foundational Chinese novel "Journey to the West."