A Look Back on Women’s Suffrage Before the Midterms

Helen Klein Ross revisits the history of women's suffrage and the ratification of the 19th amendment.

Wave of Anti-Semitism Today Resembles Prewar Attitudes Towards Jewish-Led Hollywood

Chris Yogerst on the echoes of prewar anti-Hollywood sentiment in today's anti-semitism.

The 14th Amendment: Bigotry’s Latest Casualty

Bonnie Honig weighs in on recent invocations of the 14th amendment, and urges us to opt-in to citizenship by voting.

It’s Just Not My Life — Julia Kristeva Responds

Julia Kristeva responds to the accusations that she worked as a Bulgarian spy in the 1970s.

Thoughts on Pittsburgh, Empathy, and the Novel

Seth Greenland shares his opening remarks from a conversation about his new novel, the night after the Pittsburgh shooting.

Amusements Among the Dead

"As a child I had an unhealthy attraction to the supernatural." Jervey Tervalon visits the Mountain View Mausoleum with his daughter.

Grad School As Conversion Therapy

Grace Lavery asserts: "deadnaming and misgendering are not acceptable scholarly practices, and they are not covered by the principle of academic freedom."