The Danger of Limiting Literature: On Books in Prison

New York state has announced the launch of a pilot program that will severely restrict access to books in prisons.

Mississippi Beautiful: The Unveiling of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Françoise N. Hamlin attends the unveiling of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, on the state's 200th birthday.

Whatever Happened to Justice for All?

Klaus Mladek reflects on becoming a U.S. citizen and the meaning of justice.

Spielberg’s The Post, One of the Most Important Feminist Films of the Year, Honors Two Journalism Legends

"The Post" is one of the most important feminist films of the year, and honors two journalism legends.

An Untouchable Fire: Remembering Aharon Appelfeld (1932-2018)

Shoshana Olidot commemorates the late author Aharon Appelfeld, who died last week.

On Authenticity

Robert Zarestky on the value placed on authenticity by both Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Donald Trump.

Astro Poets at the Library

Nora Battelle brings her URL life to IRL with the Astro Poets at the New York Public Library.