• Skimming the Surface: A Way of Looking at Us

    Eisa Ulen looks at Jordan Peele's "Us" and compares it to Spike Lee's 1989 "Do the Right Thing."

    When Did Asian Food Become Dirty?

    Marie Myung-Ok Lee discusses the opening of a white-run "clean" Chinese restaurant in Manhattan.

    Two Alices and Political Produce

    "France has a way of enticing Californian women who love to cook." Chloe Chappe on Alice Waters and Alice B. Toklas.

    On WikiLeaks and Julian Assange

    Donald Boström recounts his interactions with Julian Assange in the early 2010s and gives his thoughts on the WikiLeaks founder's legal controversies.

    Fantasy Girls

    Rachel Feder discusses Mary Shelley, Margaret Cavendish, and the fraught title of "mother of science fiction."

    Coming for Us: Primo Levi and the Border Patrol

    Novelist and Professor Fenton Johnson responds to an intrusion by the US Border Patrol into the University of Arizona campus.

    N. Scott Momaday’s House Made of Dawn and Settler Colonial Language

    Robert Wood examines the deep multilingualism of N. Scott Momaday’s "House Made of Dawn."