Partisan Conflict Separate from the Policy: Talking to Frances Lee

Andy Fitch interviews Frances Lee, author of "Insecure Majorities: Congress and the Perpetual Campaign."

Institutional Norms Taking Hits from Both Sides: Talking to Michael Hayden

Andy Fitch discusses "The Assault on Intelligence: American National Security in an Age of Lies" with General Michael Hayden.

Authoritarians Don’t Cancel Elections Anymore: Talking to David Frum

Andy Fitch discusses "Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic" with David Frum.

Our Own Idiosyncratic Version of the Same Ethno-Nationalist Dynamic: Talking to Amy Chua

Andy Fitch interviews Amy Chua about "Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations."

How We Evaluate Our Current Circumstances: Talking to Steven Pinker

Andy Fitch interviews Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard and author of "Enlightenment Now."