• Skimming the Surface: A Way of Looking at Us

    Eisa Ulen looks at Jordan Peele's "Us" and compares it to Spike Lee's 1989 "Do the Right Thing."

    When Did Asian Food Become Dirty?

    Marie Myung-Ok Lee discusses the opening of a white-run "clean" Chinese restaurant in Manhattan.

    Two Alices and Political Produce

    "France has a way of enticing Californian women who love to cook." Chloe Chappe on Alice Waters and Alice B. Toklas.

    Questions in Captivity: Captive State

    Lewis Page gives a second look to "Captive State," which was released on March 15 to "brutally lukewarm reviews."

    Pop Formalism

    “Born in the U.S.A.” is a song of audible rage, but this rage is entirely inseparable from its production, from its angular and glossy trappings.

    Tom Lutz, By the Album

    Jeffrey Wasserstrom interviews LARB Editor-in-Chief Tom Lutz about travel and its influence on his music.