Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Richard Wei Semus muses on representations of the contemporary cowboy in Chloé Zhao’s film "The Rider" and Mitski's album "Be the Cowboy."

Bumblebee’s Bungled Politics, Or: John Cena as Metaphor

Niv M. Sultan reviews "Bumblebee," the latest film in the Transformers franchise.

The Undeserving Favourite

Grace Hadland critiques Yorgos Lanthimos's representation of queerness in his newest film "The Favourite."

Lisa Brackmann, By the Album

Lisa Brackmann is the author of a trio of China-set noir novels, which I regularly recommend to anyone looking for …

Pop Mythos Meets Terrorism in Vox Lux

Natalia Winkelman assesses the role of violence in pop stardom in Brady Corbet's "Vox Lux."

Ian Rankin, By the Album

In the style of the New York Times "By the Book" series, Jeffrey Wasserstrom questions Ian Rankin about his varied musical tastes.

An Inconvenient Animal: Rodents of Unusual Size

Lewis Page reviews the new PBS documentary, "Rodents of Unusual Size," about the invasive nutria species of Louisiana.