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    A Brief History of My White Privilege

    Aris Janigian talks about the racial paradox of growing up Armenian in Fresno, CA.

    A Liberation Day Protest Raises the Question: How Anti-Japanese Is Korea, Really?

    "Some stress that the target of this anger isn't the Japanese people, and isn't even the nation of Japan per se, but Abe in particular."

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    Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, NY

    Athena Villard introduces the newest member of LARB's Reckless Reader program, Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, NY.

    When Korea Expats Podcast (or, the Pleasures and Sorrows of Teaching English)

    Colin Marshall takes a look at some of the Korean expat blog offerings today.

    ICE Raids as Praxis: Mississippi Raids as Viewed by a Legal Relief Volunteer

    Billy Todd talks about his experiences as a front-line volunteer attorney for detainees of recent ICE raids in Mississippi.

    To Do It with Questions

    For the second anniversary of the Plato Problems column, Andy Fitch poses some questions to Plato himself.

    In the Comfort of This Reality: A Conversation with Robert Wood

    Mitchell Evenson talks with Robert Wood about his new book of essays "Suburbanism."

    Creativity in the Age of the Twitter Mob

    Walter Benjamin famously asserted that “[t]here is no document of civilization that is not at the same time a document …

    For the Love of Wisdom: Climate Change and the Revenge of History

    Todd Dufresne excerpts his new book "The Democracy of Suffering" and talks with Tony Greco about the many sides of environmental disaster.