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    AI Doesn’t Know How You Feel

    "We shape our technology and our technology in turn reshapes our emotional lives."

    Gogol in the White House

    Amelia Glaser draws parallels between the audience with Catherine the Great in Gogol's “Christmas Eve” and Donald Trump speaking with Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Learning Korean with Duolingo, the Mercilessly Addictive Language App

    Colin Marshall discusses the gamification of language-learning with Duolingo.

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    Filling the Gaps: On Translating Miloš Crnjanski’s Novel of London

    Will Firth discusses translating Serbian writer Miloš Crnjanski’s "nuanced expressionist collage."

    Edgar Oliver: The King of the Slow

    Rebecca Chace reviews Edgar Oliver's latest one-man show "New York Trilogy" at the Axis Theatre.

    How The Lighthouse Makes a Monster of Capitalism

    Rebecca Harrison examines just what makes "The Lighthouse" so horrifying.

    Signs, Signifiers, and Rambo’s Tacos

    Sara Selevitch takes of tour of Los Angeles' signs.

    Let’s Just Try It for Once: Talking to Lawrence Lessig

    Andy Fitch talks with Lawrence Lessig about what it might take to clean up America's democratic process.

    Constance Garnett: A Heroic Translator

    Bob Blaisdell remembers the translation genius of Constance Garnett.

    Personal Responsibility and Reparative Criticism

    Robert Wood looks at the Stella and VIDA Counts and reckons with his own journey toward critical equity.