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    When the Pandemic Reveals Genocide

    Martin Shuster examines the "oblique intention" made evident in American society by COVID-19.

    Rereading Jane Jacobs in Quarantine

    Apoorva Tadepalli thinks about the lessons of Jane Jacobs and the lockdown of the city that gave her inspiration.

    “Holocaust Disney” and the Russia-Ukraine War

    Uilleam Blacker inspects the political and cultural controversies surrounding the Babi Yar Memorial Center in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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    The Coronavirus Breaks Out in Itaewon, the “Gays-and-Foreigners” Seoul Neighborhood Celebrated in a Hit Netflix Drama

    Colin Marshall delves into culture of an Americanized neighborhood of Seoul and a popular K-drama set there: "Itaewon Class."

    How COVID-19 Made Immigrants of Us All

    Afshan Jafar finds similarities between the historical treatment of immigrants and conditions under the pandemic.

    Interest Convergence Looks Different Today: Talking to Ian Haney López

    Andy Fitch talks with Ian Haney López about strategic racism and his book "Merge Left."

    (Quarantined in) a Room of One’s Own

    V.M. Braganza talks about curating women writers at a distance and the stakes of Virginia Woolf’s room today.

    Anything Else

    A short story by Sarah Fuss Kessler on the nature of beauty and staring down gender standards.

    These Monstrous People: Talking with Stu Watson about Communicatingroups

    Austin Adams talks with Stu Watson about the deep historical roots of crime and his book "Communicatingroups."