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    Justin Turner is Smiling

    Nathan Kalman-Lamb dissects the motivations of Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, who joined his victorious teammates after testing positive.

    The Image of a President

    Khameer Kidia finds similarities in the cults of portraiture for Robert Mugabe and Donald Trump.

    Progressives Need Their Own Pantheon: Talking to Senator Sherrod Brown

    Andy Fitch talks with US Senator Sherrod Brown about the varied tenets of progressive representative politics and his book "Desk 88."

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    Speed Reading Sucks

    Nevada Ryan is only asking us to slow down.

    A Castiglione of the Mind: An Interview with Amanda DeMarco

    Madeleine LaRue talks with Amanda DeMarco, translator of Nathalie Léger’s latest novel "Exposition."

    Proper Travel: Island-Hopping Englishman Michael Gibb’s A Korean Odyssey

    "Even when transplanted to the other side of the world, it seems, a man from an island not known for its pleasant weather will seek out more of the same."

    An Argument that Readers Have to Finish on Their Own: Talking to Jeremy Fortier

    Andy Fitch talks with Jeremy Fortier about frustrated desire and his book "The Challenges of Nietzsche."

    Hiroshima in the Age of Virtual Remembrance

    Spencer Cohen takes a look at how the shockwaves of the Hiroshima atomic bomb reverberate 75 years later — during a pandemic.

    World out of Joint: Talking to Wolfgang Ischinger

    Andy Fitch talks with Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany’s former deputy foreign minister and former German ambassador to both the US and the UK.