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    Lost in Transition: Can Inclusivity Cross a Language Barrier?

    S.A. Karpukhin explores the roadblocks and subtleties of translating pronoun preferences and transgender-inclusive language in Russian.

    Pansori at the Disco: Leenalchi, the New-Old Korean Musical Phenomenon of 2020, Gets Frustrated Tourists Dancing

    For this week's Korea Blog, Colin Marshall dives into the 2020 music sensation Leenalchi.

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    Political Rhetoric and Economic Analysis: Talking to Bernard Hoekman and Ernesto Zedillo

    Andy Fitch interviews scholar Bernard Hoekman and former President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo about the global economy’s changing structure.

    The Agony and Ecstasy of Learning Korean, Expressed by Memes

    Colin Marshall finds some levity among the Korean language-learning community.

    Love Story at 50

    Ella Taylor reminisces about the corny moments and wide impact of the top-grossing 1970 film "Love Story."

    Reality on the Edge: Talking to Susan Liautaud

    When should we think of our laws as “the lowest common denominator not the highest standard of behavior”? When might …

    Clue or Red Herring? How Clue Shreds the Detective Rulebook

    Milan Terlunen looks at the construction of suspense in the murder mystery genre — using a few crowd favorites.

    On Brian Dillon and Affinity

    Sophia Stewart finds wisdom in Brian Dillon's recent book "Suppose a Sentence."