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What the Avital Ronell Affair Says about The State of the Profession

Marjorie Perloff weighs in on the Avital Ronell case in response to Jon Wiener's BLARB essay, arguing that the "real victim is the university at large."

A Love Letter to Concrete

In the fall of 1975, Audrey Murray's father signed up for Russian 101 and purchased a copy of the required textbook...

Audio Salve: The Relentless Picnic Podcast and the Power of a Real Conversation

The Relentless Picnic podcast highlights the power and impact of simple conversations among friends.

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A Defender of Los Angeles: Talking to Jen Bilik About This Is (Not) L.A.

David Shook interviews Jen Bilik, co-author of "This is (Not) L.A."

Let Us Speak for Ourselves: An Interview with Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Robert Wood interviews Michael Mohammed Ahmad, founder and director of Sweatshop, and author of "The Lebs."

A Love Letter to Robert Mueller

Lynn Ellen Patyk considers charismatic and bureaucratic authority, and explains why she puts her hope in Robert Mueller.

The Banal, Infected: On Ben Marcus’s Notes from the Fog

Austin Adams reviews Ben Marcus's "Notes from the Fog."

In Defense of Feeling: On Abdellah Taïa’s An Arab Melancholia

Thomas Patier writes on feeling in Abdellah Taïa’s “An Arab Melancholia.”

Talk Like a Busanian: How to Master the Ever-Trendier Dialect of Korea’s Brash Second City

Colin Marshall on the distinctive dialect of Korea's second-largest city, Busan.

What the Anonymous Op-Ed is Actually About

George Estreich reads the anonymous NY Times op-ed "for what it is: an attempt to make a future excuse for the conduct of the entire Republican Party."