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    Once Was Lost: The False Promise of True Detective

    There’s a scene in the finale of True Detective’s third season that displays its protagonist Wayne Hayes (Mahershala Ali) rocking …

    The Case of the Perfect Girl Detective

    Joanna Greenberg reflects on a lifetime of admiring Nancy Drew, anticipating the release of the new film "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase."

    The Untranslatable Journey of Argentina’s Fourth Feminist Wave

    Tamara Tenenbaum traces the fourth feminist wave in Argentina, from #NiUnaMenos to #MiraComoNosPonemos.

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    Writing As Brain Exercise: An Interview with Mark Freeman

    Lauren Kinney interviews Mark Freeman about his new book You Are Not a Rock: A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Mental Health (for Humans)

    Is The Hunger Games the Myth That Defines Our Times?

    Frazer Merritt, Dennis Merritt, and Kevin Lu contemplate "The Hunger Games" franchise and the roll of myths in our unstable times.

    Listen to the Seoul of the 1980s, Real or Imagined, with Streaming Mixes of Korean “City Pop”

    Colin Marshall on "city pop" and its proliferation on YouTube.

    In Mary Poppins’s Return, Imagination is Just Background Noise

    Shane Cashman compares 1964's "Mary Poppins" to 2018's "Mary Poppins Returns," which favors explanation over imagination.

    When the Facts Undermine Your Ideology: Talking to Max Boot

    Andy Fitch interviews Max Boot, author of "The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right."

    Filtering Out: Instagram and the Dangerous Pull of Nostalgia

    Marta Zarzycka examines the impact of ubiquitous, easy-to-use photo filters on our perception of reality.