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    From Seoul to the Stars: The Journey of Indie Synth-Electro-K-Pop Queen Neon Bunny

    Colin Marshall writes on the K-pop phenom Neon Bunny (야광토끼) and her place in the Korean popular culture firmament.

    Feelings Forward: On Reading Books and Ourselves

    Stephanie Malak writes about two organizations foregrounding the conversation about feelings in the study of literature.

    Fighting for Aphra Behn in the Age of #MeToo

    Malkah Bressler argues in favor of acknowledge all the greats of the literary past, especially the overlooked ones.

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    “My Darling Oscar”: A Forgotten Letter by Oscar Wilde’s Lover Harbors Another Secret

    Ulrich Baer dives into the archives to inspect a letter from Lord Alfred Douglas to Oscar Wilde.

    Intensive Care

    Jill Stoner writes about Zoom fatigue, introversion, and a lesser-known work of J. G. Ballard.

    A Good Used Book in Los Angeles, CA

    Madeline Wendricks introduces the newest member of LARB's Reckless Reader program, A Good Used Book in Los Angeles, CA.

    55 Voices for Democracy: “Of Quandaries and Trilemma: Globalization, Democracy and Society” by Helmut Anheier

    Helmut Anheier identifies the tension in democracies between nativism and globalism, for the Thomas Mann House series "55 Voices for Democracy."

    You Can Check in Any Time You Want, But You Can Never Leave: The First Korean “Comfort Woman” Novel, Kim Soom’s One Left

    Colin Marshall finds Kim Soom's novel at odds with recent "shoddy scholarship" on the topic of how voluntarily Korean women were sent to comfort stations.

    Parallel Lives: Buzzards and Barn Owls

    Joanna Chen finds pandemic comfort monitoring friends with feathers.

    Brave + Kind Bookshop in Decatur, GA

    Anna Aguiar Kosicki introduces the newest member of LARB's Reckless Reader family, Brave + Kind Bookshop in Decatur, Georgia.