• The Korean Zombie Apocalypse: A Wave of Movies and TV Eerily Suited to the COVID Era

    For this week's Korea Blog, Colin Marshall looks at recent(ish) films that presciently documented the same societal fears now exposed in the pandemic.

    Six Expatriate Writers Give Six Views of Seoul in a New Short-Fiction Anthology, A City of Han

    Colin Marshall explores a new expat story anthology, "A City of Han," collected by Sollee Bae, about living in Seoul.

    The Book of Jiyoung: An Explosively Controversial Korean Feminist Novel Comes Out in English

    Colin Marshall revisits "Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982," the debut novel by a former television writer named Cho Nam-joo.

    In Praise of Pilsa, the Highly Uncreative Korean Method of Learning to Write

    Colin Marshall discusses a maligned yet effective method of learning in Korea.

    Rediscovering Korean Cinema: An Academic Look at the Zombies, Mutants, Criminals, and Prostitutes of South Korea’s Silver Screen

    Colin Marshall looks at a new essay collection about the history and influence of Korean cinema.

    The Coronavirus Breaks Out in Itaewon, the “Gays-and-Foreigners” Seoul Neighborhood Celebrated in a Hit Netflix Drama

    Colin Marshall delves into culture of an Americanized neighborhood of Seoul and a popular K-drama set there: "Itaewon Class."

    Selling Your Body to Seoul: Kim Ho-seon’s Yeong-ja’s Heydays (1975)

    For the Korea Blog, Colin Marshall discusses the evolving portrayals of Korea's cinematic prostitutes.