• The Making of a Dictator: Anna Fifield’s Extensive Kim Jong Un Biography The Great Successor

    Colin Marshall writes on the lineage of North Korean dictators and Anna Fifiled's recent in-depth biography "The Great Successor."

    A Harrowing Journey to an Island of Women, and Into Korea’s Psychological Recesses: Kim Ki-young’s Iodo (1977)

    Colin Marshall talks about Korean folk shamanism Kim Ki-young's film "Iodo."

    With Parasite, Bong Joon-ho Comes Back to Attack His Homeland — and Wins it a Palme d’Or

    "'Parasite' visualizes more explicitly the idea that the richer Koreans become, they more they turn into grotesque parodies of Westerners."

    Los Angeles and Seoul, a Tale of Two Ugly Cities

    Colin Marshall looks at the aesthetics, both perceived and real, of Seoul and Los Angeles.

    Ways of Looking at Kim Swoo-geun, Korea’s Poet of Brick, Concrete, and Much Else Besides

    Colin Marshall reviews the career of Kim Swoo-geun, the architect who located a distinctly Korean building style.

    Birthday, the First Tearjerker About the Ferry Disaster that Killed 250 High-School Students

    Colin Marshall reviews “Birthday,” the first major tearjerker about the 2014 Korean ferry tragedy.

    Stoked by a Racist Ad, a K-Pop Sex Scandal, and an Anti-Communist Massacre, Can the Korean Demand for Apology Ever Be Satiated?

    Colin Marshall explores the art of the public apology in Korea.