Accidental Poetry from Donald Trump’s New York Times Interview

By Gustavo Turner

Yesterday, on November 22, the New York Times interviewed the President-Elect Donald Trump. You can read the full transcript here, or you can read his accidental poetry here.

“The Robots”

We’ll make the robots too.
Right now we don’t make the robots.
We don’t make anything.
But we’re going to.


“The Wind”

The wind
is a very deceiving thing.


“The Windmills”

The windmills
kill birds.



Rust is
the good part.



I don’t care about anything
having to do with anything
having to do with anything
other than the country.


“In a Sense”

I think I’ve been treated very rough.
It’s well out there
that I’ve been treated
extremely unfairly
in a sense,
in a true sense.


“The Group”

I don’t want to energize the group.
I’m not looking to energize them.
I don’t want to energize the group,
and I disavow
the group.


“The Equation”

We have —
you know,
we come
from different sides
of the equation.


“A Pack of Cigarettes and a Couple of Beers”

He said, “I’ve always found,
give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers
and I do better with that
than I do with torture.”


“Sheepshead Bay”

I had a Brooklyn office, a little office,
in a little apartment building in Brooklyn
in Sheepshead Bay
where I worked
with my father.