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Rent Control Keeps Prices Down for Everyone. Why? Because the Housing Market Is Driven Primarily by Speculative Forces, Not Supply and Demand

Julian Smith-Newman makes the case for rent control as a solution to California's housing affordability crisis.

The Face Behind the Case: Janus v. AFSCME, Dark Money, and the Future of Labor

Mansoor Khan on the impending Janus v. AFSCME decision and the fate of the labor movement.

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Battle Fatigue: Why It’s Your Civic Duty to Get Some Rest in Trump’s America

By Amy Newlove Schroeder We all know that life has changed since Election Day — and those changes have not …

Best of March

Dearest supporters, readers, and friends: Wondering what you missed this month? Besides a zillion completely wrong March Madness brackets, a …

In Praise of an Ordinary Life

Katy Hershberger reviews Amy Krouse Rosenthal's "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life."

Glendale’s Comfort Women Memorial “Controversy” a Symbol of Passive Liberalism

By Steph Cha Japan — as in the country — has beef with the city of Glendale. During World War …

Awakening, Returning, and Looking Forward: An Interview with Ian Johnson

By Ting Guo It is March in Beijing. Many local friends tell me that it is the loveliest month here, …

Acquiring Targets

By Evan La Rue This spring marks the 50th anniversary of a massive U.S. air campaign against the Viet Cong …

Life and Death 2.0: When Your Grandmother Dies Online

By Ana Homayoun I found out my grandmother died while scrolling through Instagram. Checking the app for a few moments …