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White Travel Writers, Please Stop Saying You Fell in Love with a Country Full of Brown People

Rosalie Metro considers the historical connotation of travel writers saying they "fell in love" with a country.

How the Exodus Really Happened, According to a New Theory by Israel Knohl

Randy Rosenthal describes Israel Knohl's theory about the true story of the Exodus, described in his forthcoming book.

Dancing with Chains

Hollis Robbins discusses Chinese scholarship of American literature.

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The #MeToo-ing of Ko Un, Korea’s Best Hope for a Nobel Prize

Colin Marshall on Korea's #MeToo movement and renowned poet Ko Un.

In The Largesse of the Sea Maiden, Denis Johnson Washes Up On Familiar Shores

Evan McGarvey reviews the posthumous collection "The Largesse of the Sea Maiden" by Denis Johnson.

On Arrival, Circular Storytelling, and Not Arriving Anywhere

Amanda Feinman reviews "Arrival" and discusses the narrative and philosophical implications of circular storytelling.

Protective Packaging

Leslie Pietrzyk discusses the unsolved Tylenol Murders and the things that exist in order to give us the illusion of safety and control.

Alley Cat Bookshop in San Francisco’s Mission District

Alley Cat Bookshop is the newest addition to LARB's Reckless Reader program.

Thinking About Consciousness or Being Conscious About Thinking

Arthur McCaffrey reviews Daniel Helminiak's "Brain, Consciousness, and God" A Lonerganian Integration."