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There’s Only One Tonya: Debating Sufjan Stevens’s Two Renditions of “Tonya Harding”

Chris Stedman and Nathan Goldman debate the relative merits of the two versions of Sufjan Stevens’s recently released “Tonya Harding."

Asking For A Friend: I Want A Kid Even Though The World Might Be Ending

Olive answers a writer with outsized fears about becoming a mother.

Astro Poets at the Library

Nora Battelle brings her URL life to IRL with the Astro Poets at the New York Public Library.

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One Day You’re In, the Next Day You’re Art: The Year in Fashion Exhibitions

Grant Johnson reflects on three of 2017's major fashion exhibitions.

Jacques Tati’s Playtime: A Guide to Getting Along With Technology

Aaron Timms remembers Jacques Tati's comedy "Playtime," on the film's 50th anniversary.

Those Old Songs of Place: A Conversation with Kim Scott

Robert Wood interviews Kim Scott, Indigenous Australian writer an author of "Taboo."

With Gun Violence, Ignorance is Not Bliss

Lise Ragbir reflects on the ominous implications of societal desensitization to gun violence.

What a Very Strange Thing Legal Precedent Is: Talking to Angela Naimou

Andy Fitch interviews Angela Naimou, author of "Salvage Work: U.S. and Caribbean Literatures amid the Debris of Legal Personhood."

The Millennial Trauma of Sandy Hook

Matthew Miles Goodrich reflects on the resounding effects of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting five years ago.

Healthy Brain Intake: Modify Your News Habits to Ease Your Mind

John Franklin warns against the negative effects on the brain of consuming too much news.