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There’s Only One Tonya: Debating Sufjan Stevens’s Two Renditions of “Tonya Harding”

Chris Stedman and Nathan Goldman debate the relative merits of the two versions of Sufjan Stevens’s recently released “Tonya Harding."

Astro Poets at the Library

Nora Battelle brings her URL life to IRL with the Astro Poets at the New York Public Library.

Why Are There So Many Cute Cats on the Internet? The World is Driven by a Cute-Excellence Syndrome

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein considers why there are so many cute cats on the internet, and how "cute-excellence syndrome" drives our culture.

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To Connect Them to Their Sensory: Talking to Edwin Torres

Andy Fitch interviews Edwin Torres, author of "In the Function of External Circumstances," from Nightboat Books.

The Madness of Anna Schmidt: A Russian Prophet In Search of Her Beloved

On April 30, 1900, a doctor of philosophy with no permanent employment was sitting in a train heading east from …

Strange Things, Stranger Danger: Domestic Fantasy in Stranger Things 2

Niv M. Sultan argues that the greatest fantasy in "Stranger Things 2" is its depiction of family life.

Monsters in Ballet Slippers: Chagall’s Designs for the Performing Arts

Perwana Nazif reviews "Chagall: Fantasies for the Stage," currently on view at LACMA.

Korean Cinema Looks Back at 1987, When Students Died and Democracy Was Born

Colin Marshall reflects on how Korea's "June Struggle" is depicted in Korean Cinema.

“We Can!” American Toys of 2017: Lessons from Early Soviet Animation

How do you celebrate the end of a year like the one we’ve just witnessed? Our country is divided. Our …