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Rescued by Books: Fostering Teen Literacy in Low-Income Communities

Ruth Ebenstein discusses book deserts, teen literacy, and the work of The Book Truck.

Is Motherhood a Genre?

Sarah Blackwood asks: does treating motherhood as a genre in itself limit our reading of books about motherhood?

Homer and Hatred: On Jordan Peterson’s Mythology

Adam Novy argues that the alt-right’s favorite philosopher, Jordan Peterson, gives a painfully bad reading to the classics.

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Rewriting Trauma: You, Me, and the Violence

Karla Kelsey reviews Catherine Taylor's "You, Me, and the Violence."

Dancing with Chains

Hollis Robbins discusses Chinese scholarship of American literature.

“Of ARRRGHs and the Pirate I Sing”: On Eugene Ostashevsky’s The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi

Boris Dralyuk reviews NYRB's "The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi” by Eugene Ostashevsky.

The Passion of Holy Week

Elizabeth Harper visits Zamora to see Spain’s oldest Holy Week celebration.

Trump’s America is the German Upside Down

An American living in Stuttgart points out the uncanny similarities between the Upside Down of "Stranger Things" and Germany's relationship with the US.