Korea in the World and the World in Korea: Selections from the LARB Korea Blog’s Second Year

The LARB Korea Blog's second year has proven eventful not just within Korea but in the relationship between Korea and the rest of the world.

Yoo Jae-ha’s K-Pop Masterpiece Because I Love You, 30 Years After His Untimely Death

Colin Marshall reflects on the K-Pop song "Because I Love You" by Yoo Jae-ha, who died 30 years ago at the age of 25.

At the Intersection of Korea and Mongolia: the Uncompromising Stories of Jeon Sungtae’s Wolves

Charles Montgomery discusses Jeon Sungtae’s "Wolves," which collects 10 short stories focused on Mongolia and the Korean experience there.

Looking Back at LA Arirang, the 1990s Korean Sitcom about Life in Los Angeles

Colin Marshall revisits the hit 1990s Korean sitcom, "LA Arirang."

In Korea, All You Need Is Love (Or a Love Motel, at Least)

Stefano Young stays in a Korean "love motel."

Where Modern Korean Drama Began: the Heroism, Villainy, and Idealism of Yi Kwang Su’s The Soil

Charles Montgomery on where modern Korean drama began: the heroism, villainy, and idealism of Yi Kwang Su's "The Soil."

From Language Lessons to Sex Slavery: Korea’s New Comfort-Woman Comedy I Can Speak

Colin Marshall for the BLARB Korea Blog on Korea's new comfort-woman comedy "I Can Speak."