Sugar and Saliva: On the Gifts of the Muse

Anthony Seidman discovers "Antología de la poesía en el Salvador," edited by José Roberto Cea and published in 1971, in the back room of Alias Books.

After Winter: Leonard Cohen, Rostam, Noname

Poetry can, in a certain light, read like it’s pretty much defined against the art of songwriting. Michael Devine on poetry and pop music.

Poetry is Rocket Science: An Interview with Jenny Molberg

Anthony Immergluck Interviews Jenny Molberg about her poetry collection "Marvels of the Invisible."

“Of ARRRGHs and the Pirate I Sing”: On Eugene Ostashevsky’s The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi

Boris Dralyuk reviews NYRB's "The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi” by Eugene Ostashevsky.

Regendering Strong: Life After Rugby by Eileen G’Sell

JoAnna Novak reviews Eileen G'Sell's poetry collection "Life After Rugby."

Sussan Deyhim Dramatizes the Poetry of Forough Farrokhzad in “The House is Black”

Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn interviews Sussan Deyhim about her show at The Wallis, dramatizing the poetry Forough Farrokhzad in "The House is Black."

Distracted Dreaming: Love the Stranger by Jay Deshpande

Hilary Vaughn Dobel reviews the debut poetry collection "Love the Stranger" by Jay Deshpande.