• Here Begins the Unexplored: On The Latin Poet’s Guide to the Cosmos

    Verónica García Moreno reviews Susannah Drissi's recent poetry collection "The Latin Poet's Guide to the Cosmos."

    On Marianne Moore’s “Silence”

    Greg Gerke revisits the author/speaker tension in Marianne Moore's poem "Silence."

    Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Archaic Torso of Apollo”: Translation and Commentary

    "Critics have suggested that Rilke was inspired by the Apollo Belvedere... But maybe they are barking up the wrong tree."

    Figuring Out How to Make a Book: Talking to Stephen Motika

    Andy Fitch interviews Stephen Motika about entering the publishing industry and working with poetry.

    Between Body and Meat: A Review of Nomi Stone’s Kill Class

    Claire Oleson reviews Nomi Stone's new book of poetry "Kill Class," about her experiences in mock Middle Eastern villages in North Carolina.

    A Mind in Full: A Review of Weeping Gang Bliss Void Yab-Yum

    "What does it sound like when absurdity coexists with sorrow? It sounds like a mind in full."

    Illustration of an abstract face by Devendra Banhart from the cover of his poetry book

    “The Concern of Another Season”: An Interview with Jonathan Larson

    JoAnna Novak interviews Jonathan Larson on his translation work and the poetry of Friederike Mayröcker.