Drinking with the Ghost: Rainer Maria Rilke at Café Sperl

Katie Orphan has a coffee at Café Sperl in Vienna with Rainer Maria Rilke and his "Letters to a Young Poet," for her series Drinking with the Ghost.

Health’s Social Determinants: Nurses Are Key to Addressing Factors for Better Outcomes

Dr. Susan Swider argues that nurses are essential in managing the social determinants of health and therefore improving health outcomes.

Leave Rupi Alone

Zoë Hu considers the ways in which wildly successful "instapoet" Rupi Kaur is mocked and criticized.

A Trip to Haworth

Joanna Chen recalls Haworth, the Brontë sisters' village, while visiting Yorkshire, for her series "The View From Here."

Jane Austen, Mirror Neurons, and Bonobos

Wendy Jones elucidates the similarities between Jane Austen and Charles Darwin, whom Austen has recently replaced on England's 10-pound note.

Confucius is Dead

Fae Myenne Ng writes about her experience teaching Asian-American students at the University of California, Berkeley.

Istanbul’s Libraries: A Refuge in Uncertain Times

Kaya Genç describes the many libraries of Istanbul, in which Turks have taken refuge in the midst of recent turmoil.