To Connect Them to Their Sensory: Talking to Edwin Torres

Andy Fitch interviews Edwin Torres, author of "In the Function of External Circumstances," from Nightboat Books.

No Single Kind of Discourse Will Be Believable By Itself: Talking to Susan Gevirtz

Andy Fitch interviews Susan Gevirtz, author of "Coming Events," for his series, Dialogue Diary.

Already Intertwined: Talking to Daniel Borzutzky and Brenda Lozano About Lit & Luz

Andy Fitch talks to Daniel Borzutzky and Brenda Lozano about Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art.

The Non-Expressible Part of Thinking: Talking to Etel Adnan

Andy Fitch interviews poet Etel Adnan about her recent works "To look at the sea is to become what one is" and "SEA and FOG" for his "Dialogue Diary" series