• Reporting on the Menace: Talking to Joy-Ann Reid

    Andy Fitch speaks with Joy-Ann Reid about contextualizing modern racism, the media's missteps in covering Trump, and her book "The Man Who Sold America."

    Everything We Still Take for Granted: Talking to David Wallace-Wells

    Andy Fitch talks with David Wallace-Wells about his book "The Uninhabitable Earth" and our insatiable consumption habits.

    A New Type of Cooperation the Whole World Needs: Talking to Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Andy Fitch talks with Jeffrey D. Sachs about sustainable development and American exceptionalism.

    This Huge Love Crisis: Talking to Arthur C. Brooks

    Andy Fitch talks with Arthur C. Brooks about contempt across the American political divide and his new book "Love Your Enemies."

    A Whole New World: Talking to Peter Frankopan

    Andy Fitch discusses China's rise in Central Asia and the new Silk Road with Peter Frankopan, author of the recent "The New Silk Roads."

    The Astrobiology of the Anthropocene: Talking to Adam Frank

    Andy Fitch talks with Adam Frank about life in the universe, the (non)uniqueness of environmental change, and his recent book "Light of the Stars."

    Information in an Emergency: Talking to Seth Abramson

    Andy Fitch discusses forms of journalistic inquiry with Seth Abramson, author of the recent book "Proof of Collusion."