• Pivotal Decisions Made Along the Way: Talking to Darrell M. West

    Andy Fitch talks with Darrell M. West about how AI transforms our society — for better or worse.

    That Better America for Everyone: Talking to Representative Ilhan Omar

    Representative Ilhan Omar talks about a past that led her to stand up for New Americans and embrace the challenges of American democracy.

    Their Understanding of Who We Are: Talking to Dipayan Ghosh

    Andy Fitch interviews Dipayan Ghosh about what tech companies actually do with the data they collect and his book "Terms of Disservice."

    Concentrating on Social Meaning: Talking to Ramya Krishnan

    Andy Fitch talks with Ramya Krishnan about distinguishing speech from data and what constitutes protected speech in digital spaces.

    China’s Gradual Approach: Talking to David Dollar

    Andy Fitch talks with David Dollar about the demographic and economic challenges China faces over the next three decades.

    Pay for Health Outcomes: Talking to Vivian S. Lee

    Andy Fitch talks with Vivian S. Lee about the broken aspects of the American healthcare system and how to fix them.

    Interest Convergence Looks Different Today: Talking to Ian Haney López

    Andy Fitch talks with Ian Haney López about strategic racism and his book "Merge Left."