• Doing Something Else Together: Talking to Robert B. Talisse

    Andy Fitch interviews Robert B. Talisse about partisanship, civic friendship, and his new book "Overdoing Democracy."

    Let’s Just Try It for Once: Talking to Lawrence Lessig

    Andy Fitch talks with Lawrence Lessig about what it might take to clean up America's democratic process.

    Acceleration of This Great Disruption: Talking to Jeremy Rifkin

    Andy Fitch talks with Jeremy Rifkin about climate geopolitics and his book "The Green New Deal."

    The Very Idea of Diplomacy: Talking to Richard Stengel

    Andy Fitch interviews Richard Stengel about the importance of a well-informed citizenry and his book "Information Wars."

    Superiority Over Excellence: Talking to Daniel Markovits

    Andy Fitch interviews Daniel Markovits about his book "The Meritocracy Trap" and why policies prizing "merit" might not yield the equality we think.