• Reporting on the Menace: Talking to Joy-Ann Reid

    Andy Fitch speaks with Joy-Ann Reid about contextualizing modern racism, the media's missteps in covering Trump, and her book "The Man Who Sold America."

    Everything We Still Take for Granted: Talking to David Wallace-Wells

    Andy Fitch talks with David Wallace-Wells about his book "The Uninhabitable Earth" and our insatiable consumption habits.

    A New Type of Cooperation the Whole World Needs: Talking to Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Andy Fitch talks with Jeffrey D. Sachs about sustainable development and American exceptionalism.

    Figuring Out How to Make a Book: Talking to Stephen Motika

    Andy Fitch interviews Stephen Motika about entering the publishing industry and working with poetry.

    Intimacy Rich in Contrast to the Detached Blasts: Talking to Andrea Abi-Karam

    "You don’t need the approval of the canon’s ghosts or a publisher to convey daily reactions to encounters with systems of oppression."

    Putting People in Tires and into the Dashboard: Talking to Julio César Morales

    Andy Fitch interviews Julio César Morales on his art about the US-Mexico border.