• Let’s Just Try It for Once: Talking to Lawrence Lessig

    Andy Fitch talks with Lawrence Lessig about what it might take to clean up America's democratic process.

    Acceleration of This Great Disruption: Talking to Jeremy Rifkin

    Andy Fitch talks with Jeremy Rifkin about climate geopolitics and his book "The Green New Deal."

    The Very Idea of Diplomacy: Talking to Richard Stengel

    Andy Fitch interviews Richard Stengel about the importance of a well-informed citizenry and his book "Information Wars."

    Superiority Over Excellence: Talking to Daniel Markovits

    Andy Fitch interviews Daniel Markovits about his book "The Meritocracy Trap" and why policies prizing "merit" might not yield the equality we think.

    If the Answer Is No One: Questions for Valeria Luiselli

    Andy Fitch turns the tables on Valeria Luiselli, and poses 40 questions to her 40 questions in "Tell Me How It Ends."