• To Do It with Questions

    For the second anniversary of the Plato Problems column, Andy Fitch poses some questions to Plato himself.

    Hour of Opportunity: Talking to Binyamin Appelbaum

    Andy Fitch talks with Binyamin Appelbaum about the virtues of economic pacing and the rise of neoliberalism.

    Between Leisure and Labor: Talking to Mónica de la Torre

    Mónica de la Torre talks with Andy Fitch about the multilingualism in her poetry, its theatrical influences, and chairs.

    Obligation to Real People Embedded in Real Time: Talking to Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

    Andy Fitch interivews Rebecca Newberger Goldstein about the philosophical problems of daily life.

    For Conservatives Critical of Trump: Talking to Peter Wehner

    Andy Fitch interviews Peter Wehner about the state of contemporary conservatism, strategies for unity, and his new book "The Death of Politics."