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Why “Race Riot”? On the Need to Change a Misleading Term

By Steve Light

In memory of Thelma Foote, ever in affection and gratitude.

Among events known as race riots in U.S. history, the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, i.e. the destruction by whites of the African-American district of Greenwood, is among the most calamitous, albeit that all such events are immeasurably calamitous. But knowledge of and about this event from the moment of its occurrence until recent times was willfully suppressed in Tulsa and in the country as a whole. Continue reading

Remember, Madam President, Deeds Not Words: the U.S. Election and Suffragette Nostalgia

By Amy Clukey

This year’s election has taken on a different tenor as suffragette nostalgia has flooded social media (props to my friend Brigitte Fielder for coining the phrase “suffragette nostalgia). Chelsea Clinton gave her a mother an antique suffragette sash for her birthday. There are memes galore. You can watch a live stream from Susan B. Anthony’s grave, where women in Clintonian pantsuits have stuck their “I voted” stickers to her headstone. It seems like everyone is sharing articles about individual suffragettes and stories about women born before the 19th Amendment who have voted for Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

Pico Diary #4: Election Day

by Jon Wiener

At Factor’s Deli on Pico in Beverywood, a dozen carts are lined up, filled with party platters ready to be delivered: pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, turkey, yellow and white cheese, cole slaw, potato salad, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, rye bread.  “Those have to be for parties tonight,” I say to the woman who must be the catering manager.  She says “One lady told me ‘it will either be a celebration, or a suicide party.  Either way we need a deli platter.” Continue reading

Putin Has the Best Words to Make America Great!

By Ani Kokobobo and Emma Lieber

Putin has all the best words! You might want to learn Russian, or you can listen to Donald Trump, who sounds like Putin lite, with all the bluster, but none of the polysyllabic words, or actual power (not yet, anyway). Although he has thankfully spared the American public the shirtless parading of masculine bravado, whenever not chained to a teleprompter by his handlers, Mr. Trump seems to be aping authoritarian language, crafting an image of himself as a strong authoritarian leader, a doer who will build walls and destroy ISIS, someone who should be in charge simply because he says so. In this sense Trump’s dismissal of his own vulgarity, the testimonies of the women accusing him of sexual assault, or Hillary Clinton’s entire political career as “just words” is (like most of his claims) perfectly disingenuous, since Trump knows the power of words better than anyone.  And though Trump may be running for president of the United States, he hardly ever sounds like someone seeking to be the leader of a constitutional democracy with checks and balances. Of all the authoritarian figures that he has praised in the course of his campaign (including, yes, Saddam Hussein), the smooth talking Mr. Putin is the favorite. Continue reading