An Open Letter to Ken Brecher, President of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles

Rubén Martínez writes to Ken Brecher, demanding his resignation from the Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

Sequelae: A Primatologist’s Perspective on Brett Kavanaugh

Primatologist Dr. Amy Parish considers how the evolutionary history of chimpanzees and bonobos should inform society's perception of Brett Kavanaugh.

Visions of the Homeland: The AfD, Bavarian Identity, and the German Heimat Debate

Leading up to October 14, the AfD and CSU put forth their cases on how they’ll protect Bavarian identity and Heimat from non-German migrants and leftists.

Brett Kavanaugh and the Politics of Memory

Nicholas Miriello on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation: "those who’ve been privileged to forget will continue to outweigh those who’ve long been carrying the burden to remember."

Kavanaugh and the Judicial Temperament Issue: A Personal View

LARB's legal affairs editor Don Franzen examines whether Brett Kavanaugh passes the judicial temperament test.

Renovating the House (and Senate…)

"One thing that sent Christine Blasey Ford to therapy in 2012 was a marital disagreement about a house renovation," writes Bonnie Honig.