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For a little unprofessional advice in these uncertain times, send your questions to our anonymous portal. We want it all, from the epistemological to the inane. We’ll dig deep to find some answers in the next installment of BLARB’s advice column, Asking for a Friend.

By Olga Kreimer.
Header art by Abby Litman.

Asking for a Friend: How Do I Say “I Don’t Love You”?

Dear Olive,

One of my oldest friends is in love with me, and I’m not in love with him. In fact, he drives me crazy. The more I pull away, the more he reaches out. I think I’ve been quite clear, without being explicit, about how I feel. I don’t want to hurt his feelings by saying the truth, which is that he overwhelms me and frustrates me. I wish he would just read the signals. How do I end this without hurting him, and still honoring our years of friendship?  Continue reading

Asking for a Friend: I Can’t Look Away from the News Feed

Dear Olive, 

I have become obsessed with the news. I was addicted to the scroll before, but with this new administration, my addiction has been taken to a whole new level. With my eyes glued to the screen (screens), it is hard to be present in reality. I can no longer think about anything other than what new fresh evil is about to take place. How do I find balance? Social media felt unhealthy even in the best of times, but now I feel lost without it. Any advice? Continue reading

Asking for a Friend: I’m Getting Better. Now How Do I Get Going?

Dear Olive,

I’ve spent the better part of the past three years in a deep clinical depression from which there seemed no escape. I am finally starting to feel like maybe existence on this big imperfect rock hurtling through space might be worth it once again — but I’ve found that I am emerging from my depressed years as quite a different person. The things I once liked no longer seem all that exciting to me, while other things are suddenly taking my interest. I feel so lost and unable to start on a new journey while on such uncertain ground. How do I start living again? Continue reading

Asking for a Friend: How Do I Go Through Life Having Faith I’ll Find Someone?

Dear reader,

Welcome to this new adventure, where we’ll try our best to make the most of messes, and maybe even set a few straight. Here’s what I can promise: I won’t laugh at your queries, even by myself; I won’t pretend to know much about sports or particle physics; and besides my made-up name, I’ll always tell you the truth. Continue reading