The Grotesque Aesthetic Morality of The Florida Project

Geoff Nelson examines Sean Baker's new film "The Florida Project," in light of Douglas Mao's discussions of how children are shaped by their environments.

“The Joshua Tree” to the Grand Canyon: A Road Trip

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Dick Gregory’s Searing Humor is Brought to Life in Turn Me Loose

Michael Lorenzo Porter speaks to Gretchen Law, playwright of "Turn Me Loose: A Play About the Comedic Genius of Dick Gregory," now playing at The Wallis.

Looking Back at LA Arirang, the 1990s Korean Sitcom about Life in Los Angeles

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Inside: What Zadie Smith, Roland Barthes, and Vladimir Nabokov Tell Us About Video Games

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Eve Ewing Bends Time and Space in Electric Arches

Pamela Avila interviews Eve Ewing, author of new collection "Electric Arches."