Jacques Tati’s Playtime: A Guide to Getting Along With Technology

Aaron Timms remembers Jacques Tati's comedy "Playtime," on the film's 50th anniversary.

The Grotesque Aesthetic Morality of The Florida Project

Geoff Nelson examines Sean Baker's new film "The Florida Project," in light of Douglas Mao's discussions of how children are shaped by their environments.

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Mark Felt: The Deep Throat Movie Doesn’t Go Deep Enough

Rex Weiner argues the film "Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House" delivers a dangerously misleading message for our time.

The Farhang Foundation 9th Annual Short Film Festival

An interview with Sepideh Salehi and Kamran Taherimoghaddam, creators of "Strappa," a short in the Farhang Foundation 9th Annual Short Film Festival.

Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven Revisited

Steve Light revisits Clint Eastwood’s film "Unforgiven."

Stopping Global Warming Doesn’t Have to Be “Inconvenient”

Sitting in the back of a Doubletree Hotel courtesy van, exhausted, I fielded questions about why in the world I …